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I have a 1975 Porsche 914 1.8L and a 2L engine in NW FL.  1.8L has duel Solex 34's and the 2L had dual Holley Weber DV carbs. Both would need going through.  I'll trade towards your 1.9 T1 with the "crappy" Dellorto carbs.  Rebuild the T4's to your specs.  2L has all flat cooling tins and the 1.8 has T1/T4 tins to do the Joe Cali upright conversion.  Also have bus flywheel needed to mate to T1 trans and exhaust stubs and heater boxes (411 heater boxes if you want heat). 

Porsche 18 1Porsche 1975 18Carb1


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A 914 T4 would be better core choice than a bus T4.  That is a big heavy square box (the bus) to push down the road.  A 914 would place less load on the engine for sure.  I bet the bus exhaust/heat exchangers would work on a Speedster.  It looks like a later ~ '74 engine by the exhaust so might be a 1.8L.

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