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My new Vintage Speed shifter showed up from Taiwan a whole week early. This thing is awesome! Installation and adjustment were a snap. The knob is positioned perfectly, within easy reach of the wheel, and a couple of inches rearward than the old one was. No more reaching for third gear! Shifts are precise, and the throw is about half that of the worn shifter it replaced. Not only all that, but it's also beautifully machined and finished. I am one seriously happy customer!IMG_20200611_175901078IMG_20200611_175724949

57 CMC widebody, 1776, Dell 40s, IRS, 4 wheel discs, 18" Boyds, 225/35/18


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I asked Vintage Speed about the nylon bushing, as it is now a $13 option when you pick their Quick shifter. They said it cannot be added to an existing unit. They did offer me some kind of assistance in selling my old (Relatively new) shifter so I can buy a brand new one! I guess the way they manufacture the quick shifter, they can’t be modded due to welds.

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I found the stop plate very sensitive to adjustment. It took a few tries to get it centered.

Slightly to one side or the other, and one of the gates (1-2 or 3-4) was hard to find.

I guess each installation is a little different, but on my car, the carpet had to be carefully trimmed around the base so the whole base was sitting directly on the metal of the tunnel.

If the shifter sits just a little high, the stop plate limits the arc of the shift lever side-to-side, making at least one of the gears hard to find.


@JB356SR posted:

I just installed my shifter today. It took a little while to set up. 

Same here re setting the shifter up. It has to be in the perfect place for it to work and that was tedious for me when I installed my CSP shifter..  The shifter needs to be greased every couple of years and I'm getting better with resetting it but it's still a bit tedious.

...You may have to trim the carpet so it bolts directly to the tunnel to keep it from moving out of adjustment...

This is what I found.

One of the things that gives this shifter its 'tight' feel is a precisely cut stop plate (that limits side-to-side motion).

The angle the lever swings through changes with how high the ball is above the tunnel, and the thickness of the carpet can be enough to matter.

So, if you find you can catch the 1-2 gate, but not 3-4 (or vice versa), that may be the cause. Every car is a little different.


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