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I ordered a new Porsche 356 Speedster replica in --------- April 2016 -------from Vintage Speedsters in 12112, 1027, Centralia Rd, Hawaiian Gardens, CA 90716, The new Address is 7863 E McClain Dr, Scottsdale, AZ 85260, USA   ---------- Construction time was 4 weeks according to the order confirmation 2550. After about --------   6 weeks     -------- only the chassis was just finished, this was very annoying, because I wanted the vehicle at the time for our summer holidays in Spain, as it would be the last holidays before I was connected to dialysis because of my severe kidney damage.   --------------     I sent Kirk of Vintage Speedster a lot of pictures by email from outside and inside to the way I wanted the vehicle. ------------     Two month later in pictures sent to me by Kirk of my vehicle I could see that  -------------     1. A wrong exterior color was painted, I wanted fjord green and the color he painted was light blue.    -------------- 2. I wanted white wall tires with a small strip, he had mounted tires with a big white wall.     -----------     Although he had pictures of how the vehicle should be !!!! -------------      After      ------- 3 months       ------ he sent me pictures of the interior. Outside color was meanwhile painted fjord green (Construction time of the whole vehicle should be 4 weeks!!!!!!)       ------------   I wanted a shining terracotta colored leather interior with contrasting piping and the same with the carpet and piping. He made        --------everything completely wrong   -----------. At first: leather Seats in a completely different leather color. It was some Pale Beige not Terracotta. Completely differently colored than specified to him. Also the piping on the carpet was missing completely, The Radio was missing, The Speakers was missing, Wrong stitching of the leather Seats.   -------   Although I emailed him pictures of how my car should look inside. !!!!! -------- Unbelievably---------- As the vehicle was still not ready ------------------after 4 months ---------------- I had to spend our summer holidays without the great Porsche. Sometime after our holidays (End of October 2016 of course I still did not have the car until then) I said to Kirk that he should pay back my deposit of 10.000$, because he did not manage to make the car on time ------------. This money I have until today 2018.07.12 --- not ------ get back. --------------------- It's scary what Kirk from Vintage Speedsters did, and he does not respond to customer requests. Keep your fingers away from this dealer. I am very disappointed, especially since I am also very ill and unfortunately can not take care of a legal action because I am connected to a dialysis machine and therefore can not handle long distances because I come from Germany. Now I have no money and no car.

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What happened is definitely unfortunate. To make matters worse Kirk has retired and sold the business to Justin who promptly moved the business to Arizona. I'm not sure what remedy there is for you except for a legal remedy.

I'd start out by contacting Justin at the new location:

It is possible he purchased all of the unfinished contracts and would be responsible for finishing the car. Otherwise hiring a US based local attorney may be your only option.

How terribly discouraging it is to hear your story. I am am very sorry.

April 2016? Over TWO YEARS ago?? Wow.

I have found Justin at the ‘new’ Vintage Speedsters to be promptly responsive - easily reachable by telephone or email.  He bought the business and may indeed have assumed the unfinished contracts.  Try the contact numbers provided on the website as listed above by Robert M.

Hopefully a quick resolution will be available. If not, and the facts are indeed exactly as you describe in your narrative above, I can PM you the name and contact information of an experienced attorney in the Los Angeles area that will most assuredly initiate some painful stimulus for all involved. Legal action may be your only recourse at this point.


I reviewed the attached P.O. date 4/27/2016.  I did not see mention of a radio, added stitching on seats or contrasting binding on carpet.  Perhaps there were discussions on the phone, but I encourage everyone to always get things in writing so there is clarity and no assumptions and/or misunderstandings.  This is a good lesson for other folks looking to build a new car.  Thoroughly review your P.O. (purchase order), and clear up any misunderstandings at that time.  Have the fabricator edit and send it back to you until it is correct.  I'm terribly sorry @Chris502.  I'm sure this was a big disappointment, as you were looking forward to driving your bespoke speedster, tailored exactly the way you wanted.


You are out of line by taking this to the Owners Board

#1: Justin Davison has nothing to do with this. This happened prior to his taking over basically October 2017.  

#2: Please go to your Attorney that we paid "Overnight" Mail to your response(2x's) many months ago and never heard a word back.  We have a total of (32) emails asking for pay off and advising you of the Storage Fees on this vehicle. Keep in mind it had to be moved twice a day every day. There was a $ amount sent to your attorney to settle this matter well over 8-months ago of which we never heard a reply back from and when calling your phone you always told us it was the wrong number let alone if your Wife answered she went to get you and you hung up the phone! 

No. The picture you paint is not all roses.... 

In the future contact us by direct e-mail:

The car has been created completely wrong. All details were sent via email in pictures. So nothing should have gone wrong

But everything was created completely wrong, you can clearly see this in the Pictures I´ve posted. The created car has nothing to do with what I want. 

Finally, I sent this picture before stating my Holiday with the marked binding
In the picture you can see the binding colour of carpet.
I wrote additionally, please binding ---- in leather colour !!!! -----
In addition, I informed, please radio and speakers should still be also installed and then I would take the car because I am very ill and do not want to wait any longer





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The next picture shows what was created. Again, everything was different than I wanted. Wrong color for the carpet binding, missing Radio and missing speakers!!!!!! Do not you think that I feel fooled, considering the whole thing how everything was built for me? And I should then be satisfied with a 50% less repayment. Certainly not. I did nothing wrong. I'm the one who gave you my hand wanted to take the car even though it was totally built wrong

You have a bang

At some point it is enough, If nothing is done what I order

And in terms of twisting you are really a master. You seem to be confused

I'm so angry that you can not imagine what you're writing here for a ****


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The car appears to exactly match the invoice.   32 emails plus money  sent to adjust the price plus phone calls.  I would delete this entire thread just as I deleted my own earlier post before hearing from Mary.  She certainly did a lot more to try to satisfy him than I or anyone else would have which has always been typical of Vintage Speedsters  in the 12+ years I have dealt with them and read their positive reviews!


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