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I will be building a speedster from the ground up. I'm having my friend Rafael in Mexico build me a Speedster body also getting the windshield and complete interior from him.  Hoping to have it done and here in my garage in about three week.  I have some parts but not all, still need a pan and transaxle. and all electrics.  Probably going to be ordering stuff from Beck as i go along. If anyone has stuff please let me know what you have and i will also keep an eye on the classifieds. Hoping to find a pan soon so i don't have to butcher a dune buggy or a bug. Found 2 but no titles. Stay tuned.

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Rafael used to occasionally offer Speedster parts - like a folding top assembly - on ebay.  I think back then (2011) it was $499 complete? Would be interested to see if you are going with that.  Would also like to see his interior kit.

Here's photo of Rafael's top frame (is that him fitting it?):



An inexpensive source of parts is http://vintagespeedsterparts.com/ - they have a great catalog with pictures at their web site.  S&H is a flat $15 on most items.  They have a sale now on rear license plate lights ($83) and head lamps ($22).  

Here's already shortened pan on SAMBA - '64 swing axel.  But NO TITLE for $350. Its not too far - Illinois.  With a bill of sale perhaps you could get TX title.  http://www.thesamba.com/vw/cla...etail.php?id=1941821

Same guy has unfinished Speedster for $8200. 


 Look forward to following your build!

Here are some pictures he sent me, you can see the frame and most of the interior.  Not my car. 

Yeah most likely going to be ordering from vintage they have the best prices around. I saw the pans on the samba but to far with no titles. Might get a running dune buggy and rob the pan. 

lol yeah that's more like a 911 back seat. On the motor 1776-1835cc with a 110 cam and dual IDF webers from CB. nothing fancy. just something that looks nice and runs good. I just need to find a new case.I have a type 3 case and i really don't want to cut this one its too nice of an original case.  

Well its been a long time coming, over a year and my speedster i can say is on its way to Laredo TX. left Tejupilco, Mexico yesterday morning. American Forward said two day so in 2 days i should be here. here are some picture i got before it was picked up. 


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my chassis, i installed new pans on both sides. i still need to shorten it. I also was lucky to get a gas tank that came out of a real speedster. My buddy James just restore a real nice not fake 56 speedster. I also got 2 kpz rims 6/59 and 7/59. 


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