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Has anyone ever tried using a Super Beetle Pan including the 914 front end... ?

The 914 lower torsion arms won't bolt to the Super front end frame nor will the structs have any where to bolt to (no steel uni-body upper piece).

914 front suspension -

Image result for porsche 914 front suspension

Super front suspension -

Image result for 1974 vw super beetle front suspension

"any info on the hole measurements for the front blinkers and grills? "

Light:  Use Manny's specs for location of the light

    bulbholder Main hole = 3/4"

    Mounting screw holes = 5/32


Horn Grill:  Use Manny's specs for location of the grill (different years, different heights).

    The big hole follows a scribe mark in the fiberglass on CMC/FF bodies.

    The mounting screws are metric, but a 4-40 seems to fit, too, and will require a 1/8"  hole for the screw.

And yes, all this stuff is in the Fiberfab 1985 assembly manual (but Manny's specs are better).

Where would you use it?  For the screw holding the trim ring down to the body just below the headlight or elsewhere?  It might be a good idea just below the headlight - you could remove the trim ring without reaching under the car to hold the nut!

My only concern would be to get it tightly pressed into the fiberglass with enough “bite” to stay put while tightening/loosening the trim screw but without causing any cracks in the paint around the hole.  They can be installed with a hand wrench, but my experience with them is only with a pneumatic riv-tool.  THOSE are like welded in once installed, but we always used them in metal.

TJ, Your car is looking great.  I went down to CMC back in the 80s when they were building mine.  I should have taken pics.  It was quite a production operation there in Miami.  I think I still taste the fiberglass dust! 

   Good luck with your build. You certainly have some great advisers in this group.  I wish I had this resource back when I built mine. I have the CMC build book if you need anything copied.  Have some fun every day! 


Donating member of SOC can pull down 2 FF and 2 CMC  build manuals (covering different years) from the RESOURCES/LIBRARY tab here on SOC.  For some reason I'm not see those tabs today?  It worth while printing the manuals off even if you don't have a CMC or FF - they are useful with early IM/VS/JPS - any VW pan based Speedster.

Building was 160,000 sq feet with a 45 foot tall rotating display tower! (Torn down and now a shopping center)

Now that you have the Nut Certs in , they're  fine but when you install the headlight ring bolt , try dabbing some caulk on the threads , this will keep the bolt from vibrating loose . I would not use Loc Tite blue because you may end up spinning the nut cert  when removing the bolt.   I use stainless Allen1/4 -20 and a NyLoc nut


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