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F94C3502-5B4A-4E30-9620-891187EBFEAC5480D179-A814-44C5-AD64-13BD4D002CAC5CCEA207-8CA8-4520-B135-B6C174BCC43850251D98-5410-4D49-AD64-E798E7F3336EFound what I think is a gem, just two hours away.  It’s on a 70 vw pan, and was build by Vintage Speedsters in 2009.  I’ve been lurking and hunting for a while.  Seller bought it to flip, and doesn’t know much about them.  Has a 2.2 NA engine, with the radiator mounted in the front boot.  Red, with peanut butter brown interior.   Had a friend in the area test drive it, and he says it starts, drives, shifts and corners amazingly.  Said it has manual brakes, so stopping has to be “planned”.  I pick it up this coming Tuesday, as that’s when he will have the title in hand.  

Any advice, comments, or questions are appreciated!!



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  • F94C3502-5B4A-4E30-9620-891187EBFEAC
  • 5480D179-A814-44C5-AD64-13BD4D002CAC
  • 5CCEA207-8CA8-4520-B135-B6C174BCC438
  • 50251D98-5410-4D49-AD64-E798E7F3336E
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@MrRizzo posted:

Ad listed it as “Built by Vintage Speedsters in 2009”

I had to work and couldn’t get her today, or I would of!  I’ll have more info Tuesday, when I pick her up.

I assume the cooling is like most “air cooled” cars, fluid through radiator removes the heat from the block.  Is that not “air cooled”?

It just makes it an overly complicated aircooled engine...

Well, I did it.  Purchased the car after some light negotiations.  Had it towed from Eugene Oregon, back to Portland to a mechanic that is highly regarded in the Vanagon world for Subbie swaps.  

Motor has bad compression, and the wiring is all jacked up.   Motor is being rebuild, and a new harness is being made.  Besides the compression issues, the wiring made it to where the car would not go over 68mph, Speedo didn’t work, and temp gauge always read high (why I towed it) this should all be fixed and dialed in, in roughly two weeks.

Turns out the car was a VS kit that a gentleman in eastern Washington built, then traded in at a BMW dealership.  That dealership sold at auction to the shop in Eugene.   I reached out to the guy who built it via email, and LinkedIn, hopefully he’s willing to chat about the car.  

At the end of the repair/updates, I should have a fully functional VS body, on a 71 VW pan, with a 2.2L subbie power plant.  Plus a mechanic that will know the ins and outs of the car.   It doesn’t have a top, but I’m ok with that.  Shifts smooth, stops great!!, handles like a go kart, and looks as pretty as can be!  I’m stoked to be the new owner, and went into with eyes wide open thanks to Troy, and others on here.  Caveat Emptor indeed!!

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