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Well...I gave in and sent my malfunctioning tachometer (2003 VS with knock-off VDO gauges) to North Hollywood Speedometer to be rebuilt.  I shipped it on a Monday, it arrived at the shop that Thursday.  They called after taking a look at it and we discussed the issues I was having and the plan to get it in working order.  Basically they recommended removal of all the old knock-off internals and replacing them with quality VDO parts.

My estimate for a complete tachometer rebuild / conversion to VDO internals: $365.00 ($345.00 plus the $23.00 for shipping).  Not a bad deal after all was said and done.  My biggest concern was that it would come back home with completely different connections and require me to delve into the wiring, which I really wanted to avoid!

Less than a week later it was delivered to my front door.

I am quite pleased to say the leads were all the same as the originals.

I spent some time this morning putting it all back together and to say I am happy would be quite the understatement!  It actually took me longer to draw the schematic to identify the connections and number the loose wires than it did to put the gauge back in the dash!

Thank you to all for the guidance and suggestions I got on my prior post about the tach.  Not only that, but having the historical posts to look through while figuring out what exactly I needed to do was incredibly helpful.

In the end: North Hollywood Speedometer is highly recommended by this user, and many others on this site I imagine!

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North Hollywood Speedometer did a gut rehab of my tachometer 6 years ago.  Their turnaround was pretty fast and it's still going strong.

Fun fact - I don't know if it's still true, but Palo Alto and North Hollywood used to be owned by two different Hartmuts. 

North Hollywood = Hartmut Behrens

Palo Alto = Hartmut Mees 


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