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Some have seen my other thread but just for the record: Those folks went a bit above and beyond in fixing my gauge for free five years after they modified it for me.

These old 914 gauges were expertly re-faced and refurbished into pretty good facsimilies of 550 Spyder gauges, with a one year warranty. They absolutely did not have to repair it for nothing after one of the two face-fixing screws worked itself loose and dropped out 8,000 kilometers later. But they did.

They did it without my even asking.

This board sees more than its fair share of grumpy proprietors and even charlatans. So I think it's only right to give a shout-out when a vendor absolutely stands behind their work.

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Posts like that are always nice to read.  Those righteous shops are out there, and we should do more to talk them up and use their services.  Thanks for the post.

And maybe you could send them a batch of Brownies?  Crumble Cookies is just down the street in North Hollywood, they deliver AND could put a note in the box with a message from YOU!  (hint, hint)

@El Frazoo

I’ve done both snacks and beer (see above Danny post).

Did a Case of beer after “Tony with the Mohawk” did a terrific 4-wheel alignment, even fabricating his own custom caster shims to dial it in.  It was a Friday and I asked the owner if beer would be ok, first.

I did a box of Brownies to the guys at Thermo King after they gave me lots of great info about how a gas heater works and compared old and new versions for me.

I’ve done Choco-Chip cookies for the guy who did road force wheel balancing on my wheels to finally cure the shakes I had for years.  

So, is that “First Enough” for you?

What do cookies or brownies cost - $15 bucks?  Sounds like a 10% tip to me, but they’re always appreciated by the people doing the work.  

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