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Never thought I would consider selling my northstar spyder but health conditions keep me from working on cars like I used to. I realize this is not the type of car that most here would build, but at least in my mind, it is something special. If you have any interest, I'd be glad to chat.


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Thanks Theron. I also have a northstar fiero, and I liked it so much that it prompted me to build this project. If you could contact me offline( I would love some input on how to value my project. In the work done so far I never watched costs as I thought I would keep it forever(don't we all do this?). Now I am in a position of trying to place a value on a true one of a kind-what do I use for reference?  

No association with ReinCARnation  (I did win a set of IdidIt vintage plug wires and 2 T-shirts recently).  They are always looking for creative build stories.  Write up your build and I'm sure they will publish it.  That will generate interest in you very niche build.  The magazine is both on-line and mailed out.  If you haven't seen it - its very interesting reading.  It grew out of the now defunct Kit Car Magazine. Steve Temple is the editor.  I did search there and got no hits on the NorthStar engine use in a replica - although know its popular in Fiero and replicas based on the Fiero.

Understanding that this car is very difficult to value, I have been struggling to come up with a value. Did not get any input from enthusiasts that I was hoping for so am making a wild estimate. Knowing you lose money when you sell a project, my guess is the value to a buyer who likes what he sees would be 20k-30k(which is way below cost to build). bwtfdik ;-)  

I've owned a good number of speedsters and unique replicas. Here's my .02  You'll never get back what you have invested in building a one off so to speak. What you can do is compile a component list then compare that to two similar cars say with Sub or other unique motors.... On the flip side all you need is one Buyer and with that in mind I would say $38k.



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After much deliberation, I have decided on a price for my northstar spyder AND my northstar Fiero. The Fiero is an 88 gt in immaculate condition with 55k miles and a 97 300 hp northstar powertrain that only has 3k on the powertrain. Both cars are NM/Texas cars and there is no rust anywhere. I will let the Fiero go for 10k and the spyder go for 20k (would prefer to sell the Fiero first). Hate to sell them but conditions are what they are. If you have interest I can supply additional photos/info. Email at or call at 575-336-7910. btw I have at least double the cost in each.

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