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I usually check the steering box every couple of years or so when I do my Spring checkup on the car and to loosen/tighten the big 41mm locknut on the front of the box I had been using a plumber's, sink drain, adjustable wrench from the el Cheapo Asian aisle at Home Depot.

It worked, but that's about it and I have always wanted just a big, honkin', 41mm open end wrench (or even an English equivalent) but pricing them out on-line showed them to be $35 bucks or more so I passed.

Until now.......

I found this on Amazon for under $8 bucks!

It fits without modification (read that "No grinding the heck out of it to make it fit") and it can be used with a 3/8" ratchet or 3/8" foot-long breaker bar.

Now, I am no longer jealous of Danny P and his 41mm steering box wrench.      


Plus, it fits in my tool chest easier than Danny's  billthecat01


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Oh, yeah?

Well, I'm still not jealous 'cuz I gotta MUCH bigger Stillson wrench than you do...TWO of them, in fact!  (none of those little teensy-weensy Stillsons for me!)

If I ever get to do stuff like the "Pipefather", I may even get a chance to use them, someday!  And that's a 2-1/2" socket on the 1" drive, too.  Just the thing to never use on a Speedster.....Unless I use a much smaller socket on the rear hubs.  


And I found a good place for my 41mm crowsfoot in my Metric chest:


And also caught the mail coming back from the shop and the mail lady just brought my new Grypmat trays (50% off as a Good Morning America promo last week).


This is like Christmas in April!!  Woot-Woot!    


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@Carlos G wrote: "When I grow up, I'd like to have a nice organized tool box too."

It's easy.  Be born from an OCD mother who gave you her OCD genes and you, too, can have an organized tool box, whether you really want it that way, or not.

That, and automatically, without thinking, making everything around you "look nice" by straightening everything in sight, including wandering around after your wife, turning off lights in her wake, even when she's coming right back.  (I'm trying to un-learn that one.)

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