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@30West posted:

Nice job!

And LOVE that shift lever. Is there a similar shift lever that would fit my VS (type 1) for that great ‘original’ look? I’ve shopped around but haven’t seen any.



This is T1 shift lever I bent to fit with the 356A shape, coated in grey and added an original Porsche knob.

@imperial posted:

Great build ,

How did you do the E brake ?

Original umbrella Porsche e-brake and homemade lever fixed on the front beam

@El Frazoo posted:

Simply amazing.  Again I say, you and Ed have a strong itch for the authentic, original business. Which is Clearly a labor of love, because as far as I can see the pay is really awful.

Thank you for your comment, yes it is a titanic job to approach all the details.

I hope that the final result will be worthy of the efforts made, for the moment I'm quite confident. My goal is to drive it this spring and enjoy as much as possible even if there will always things to do on it.

I know I haven't commented here, but I have been following along with great interest- you've done some fine work!  It's always fascinating to see where people's imaginations take them, what they come up with, and the ideas we ourselves get when seeing other's solutions to common "build issues".

Which brings me to my question(s)- how much did you lower the center tunnel by? By looking at it I'm guessing close to 4½"?  Did you take any pics of how you did inside the tunnel before you closed it back up, and did you happen to note how thick the tunnel material was made of?  With the tunnel that low, how did you handle the front, where the clutch and accelerator cables hook up to the pedal cluster- they're halfway up the tunnel, are they not?  And what did you do in the back- how much were you able to lower the tunnel around the trans nose cone/shift lever?  Is the shift rod (from the nose cone to the shifter) still close to horizontal?  Pics of both ends would be invaluable as well, if you have them.

Looking at your shortened tunnel pics this morning I realized (after some quick calculations) there could be as much as 12 to almost 15 lbs at stake here...  (think big evil laugh- oh how I miss the old emojis!)

Does anyone have any idea how long it would take to remove that much weight just drilling holes?   You'd have to re-work 60 or even 80 lbs of parts...

PS- Love the fender supports and the tubing for the headlight wiring!  And what do the 356 style transaxle/engine supports bolt to?  Have you put some steel or bracing up on the firewall?

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Unfortunately I don't have picture inside the tunnel before closing, but some schemes I did to during my design.

The vw tunnel is cut at 70mm height horizontally, and it is reinforced with 2 pairs of square tubes welded inside (two on both side) and closed with a 3mm thickness steel sheet. The tubes are used to route the electrical wiring from front to rear, the tube for the clucth, accelerator cable and the gas line. The shift rod cannot be horizontal and an adaptator is used to connect it to the gearbox noze. The lever has beenrelocated to replicate the T2 correct location and centered on the tunnel.

2024-02-15 12_41_44-Autodesk AutoCAD LT 2022 - [356 - bloc AV + AR + Frein à main.dwg]2024-02-15 12_45_54-Autodesk AutoCAD LT 2022 - [356 - bloc AV + AR + Frein à main.dwg]

For the gearbox, I wanted to reinforce the support in order to install a T4 engine. Behind the firewall is added a support which is bolted on the sub chassis.

Before the modification:


During the manufacturing


Pre assembly20180311_140322

Parts coated


Finishing with additionnal metal sheets replicating the 356 body



Images (8)
  • 2024-02-15 12_40_57-Autodesk AutoCAD LT 2022 - [Frein à main.dwg]
  • 2024-02-15 12_41_44-Autodesk AutoCAD LT 2022 - [356 - bloc AV + AR + Frein à main.dwg]
  • 2024-02-15 12_45_54-Autodesk AutoCAD LT 2022 - [356 - bloc AV + AR + Frein à main.dwg]
  • 20180128_205101
  • 20180310_174203
  • 20180311_140322
  • 20180312_193002
  • 20180313_212550

After seeing your post and picture on the South African Speedster FB page, I just KNEW that you had to have a build somewhere and it's no surprise that I found it here.

Loving the colour combinations. When I started the search for local versions everyone thought that I was nuts and that it can't work. My local supplier looked at the three together and just said

Great attention to detail and all the right tweaks in all the right places that'll really set it apart. Kudos to you sir, Kudos..............

@LI-Rick posted:

We all know these cars are only marginally safe as is, but would you put your grandkid in that situation?


I rode in the back of my grandpa’s pickup…standing up, holding a refrigerator in place as he motored down the highway. It was implied that I’d be expected to go over the side with the appliance if it started to go.

One of my grandsons chipped a tooth on playground equipment earlier this week. Before he could get in for an assessment (it was a baby tooth), he did the same thing the next day and knocked the tooth completely out.

Life is about managing risk and return. Sometimes it takes a bit of risk to really reap a return.

I'm pretty sure the safety situation doesn't change much regardless of the seatbelt situation, but am confident enough to believe that they’ll be just fine over there, loving life just like their G-Pa is.


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