My plan has been to coordinate the 2020 West Coast Cruise for the weekend of June 12th-14th. This is due to a number of factors including personal availability etc.

As noted by others there are issues with hotel accommodations that weekend in SLO because of CAL Poly's Graduation. Apparently no one can properly function during this time period. I have been in contact with a number of other hotels including a sister hotel to Quality Suites. That hotel finally contacted me today and said they don't offer group rates or even accept room blocks because the hotel fills up any way. It's too bad because the hotel is identical in looks, parking, amenities, etc.

I will continue to try but at some point I will either be successful or accept defeat and we're on for June 5th-7th. Not my first choice because some of our event's actual sponsors may not be available. I have several calls out to other hotels and I'm awaiting their response.

I did notice that Memorial Day weekend is NOT the last weekend in May so that MIGHT be a possibility. I will continue to work on this and will let everyone know ASAP.

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Could I get more info via PM about the cruze? This will be part of my bucket list as I would like to ship the car to the Left Coast, “ride with the crew” and spend some time with remaining family and friends My brother died there last February in LB and I developed many friends while visiting there. Has anyone gone to the Nethercutt museum in Sylmar?


If you get a chance to see the Nethercutt museum don't pass it up. It's full of high class, rare and beautiful cars. There restoration shop is right up there with Harrah's when they were putting out Pebble Beach quality cars. The Nethercutt Museum is always a contender at any major show. They also have a huge collection of auto accessaries and music machines. Also one of the largest pipe organs anywhere. It's really worth a trip to Sylmar.

Hotel reservations have finally been made. As much as I tried to secure accommodations the week of June 12th-14th, 2020 there was just no room at the inn. Apparently Cal Poly Graduation rules the roost in SLO. The coastal hotels weren't any better.

Contact the reservation desk and tell them you're booking a room under the SOC Event June 5th-7th, 2020. Room prices are $235.00 per night plus taxes etc for a single king bed and $255.00 per night plus taxes for 2 double beds.

Quality Suites San Luis Obispo
1631 Monterey St., San Luis Obispo, CA 93401
Hotel 805-541-5001

As usual there will be a manager's reception each evening and our dinner/raffle will be on Saturday night in the breakfast room. I will post more information later regarding lunch and dinner costs as well as any necessary information regarding t-shirts etc.

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After you make your reservation PM me and let me know you're coming and home many total in your group.

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