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@MusbJim posted:

There are the folks in close proximity to SLO;

@SimplifyTALightness @IMDoug @slofuzz @Will Hesch

FYI @Watchspeak is Bill & Natalie and they have joined us in previous SLO cruises in their Speedster...


This is the '74 Alpha that also joined us for last year's SLO cruise...


Copy that @MusbJim. I didn’t realize Bill and Natalie were on the site. @Watchspeak there will be a couple people going still and staying at the hotel if you end up going anyway. 

A couple other event suggestions for this weekend....

North SLO County has had regular cruise nights every Friday, the 3rd Friday of the month is downtown Paso Robles, 6PM - 8PM more or less (on Spring Street)


Local Cars and Coffee at Cider Creek Bakery every Saturday morning. 730AM - Until.

Address: 205 Oak Hill Rd Ste 102, Paso Robles, CA 93446

Good cinnamon rolls!

There is a Facebook Group called Wine Country Air Cooled, lots of VWs and everyone air cooled is invited. They posted on their page they are headed to Cider Creek for a meet up at 10AM



Mike and Kristi cancelled, Teby cancelled, The Mayo Machine cancelled, Dutch cancelled, and my wife and I just cancelled because of the poor air quality reports and that group was all that was left.

@Watchspeak As of tonight you are the last person registered for the hotel but I believe you said you were still going. If not just call the hotel to cancel your reservation. @SimplifyTALightness was interested in meeting up to go to Cars and Coffee or one or two other events so if you make it down there hit him up. His number is 928 814 3191.

Sorry guys, it just wasn't in the cards this year.

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