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Just wondering why my engine is consuming such a low quantity of oil. I've put 10,000 km on it since purchase last October and have checked the consumption a few times now. Yesterday the last check showed 1,803 miles and it needed 1/2 litre of oil. I'm running Valvoline VR1 Racing Oil 10W30. I do have a 12 litre remote sump oil system but I can't see that making any difference. 

The engine is 2,332 cc built by Darrin Krewenchuck who was known to be a good builder and I don't run the engine very hard. Any ideas ? Thanks. 

David Stroud

 '92 IM Roadster D 2.3 L Air Cooled

Ottawa, Canada


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David, you're worried that your engine isn't burning up or leaking enough oil?

I can't explain what might be causing this problem, but there are some easy fixes you could try.

First, try revving your engine a lot, way up into the high rpm ranges, when you first start it up from cold. You'll notice all the car guys who really know engines do this a lot when there are other car guys within earshot.

Those first few miles when the engine is still nice and cold are critical. Really put your foot in it hard then and your oil consumption will jump up before you can say, "rebuild."

And it's pretty easy to make these engines leak, too. Sometimes all you have to do is look at them a little funny, and they start seeping. If that doesn't work, try pounding on the pushrod tubes with a hammer. A lightweight hammer is all you need.

The valve covers are even easier to get leaking. Just show up at a Cars and Coffee and brag that yours never leak. You should see some drips onto the heater boxes within about 24 hours.

There are lots of other remedies available. Just let us know.



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