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Finally had a chance to test drive the car after replacing all oil lines and installed AN fittings. I noticed oil on the ground after parking the car and found a hose failure.

This is PRO Flow 350 hose from JEGS and rated at 350PSI and 350 degrees. The hose actually collapsed once I pulled the heat shielding that I had over the hose I could finally see the leak.

I'll the video on facebook as its won't upload here even within the file parameters.

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Update on the oil line failure. I removed the line, cut out the affected section and put the boroscope inside and found the line had split internally. The hose is rubber with wire reinforcement and nylon lined.

I believe what happened was that when tightening the connection to the oil pump the line twisted and because I had a heat sleeve over it I did not see it. So it would seem that the spec in turn of radius for the hose is ok but any torsion along the longitudinal  of the hose is a problem.


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