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Going to replace it yet once again...keep on dinging it somehow .

Question: The gasket kits come with brass washers and TWO gaskets. I have been putting both gaskets one on top of the other then the plate on my deep sump. Seems OK, but is that what we are supposed to do with the 2 gaskets? Double it up?

1957 Porsche(Speedster)

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For such an ingenious and simple car, much less proven itself... More bolts hold on a useless screen that leaks than holds in the engine... New to these VW's and when I discovered that this was how oil changes are done, I had to sit down. It blew me away. Can you imagine taking a bug to jiffy lube and the look they will give you when they can't find the filter? Or when they put the impact on those tiny little nuts holding on the sump dump. Anyway, yes, pan,gasket, screen, gasket, sump plate. You need to throw the copper washers away if you got 7 new washers in you mail order ONLY oil change kit. NO auto parts store that I called actually stocked a kit for a car that was lived on by 25,000,000 sales... Rant over! Hahahahha

Gordon and Stan-- I was laughing aloud when I read your post...

Engine stays in. Fan shroud stays in place. Existing oil cooler never gets touched. In fact, very little gets touched, other than drilling a hole for the return line from the filter (and that may not even be needed if you get one of those trick oil pump covers).

I did mine in an afternoon.

Mike: Get one of these:
I bought this for the second time..

My big issue was the gaskets. I have a dozen in my kit and have always put the 2 one one top of another. Assuming that was right. I think it's not correct, one will do. The gasket kits come with new washers so that's no problem.



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