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@Bob: IM S6

For help in solving problems when I was much younger, I used to go to a little, old but fascinating German guy.  His name was Hans Kleber, and he worked where I did when I first got out of school.  He was one of many who emigrated here after WW II and helped build the new American economy.  Ask him anything and he had a credible answer.  He didn't have a specific job or title.  He just wandered around the place and would drop tidbits of insight to help the engineers to solve their problems.  He had a habit of leaving the microfiche readers on after using them, so they all had notes  taped to them and curiosity about that note led me to meet him and develop a friendship (he was my third Grampa).  I thought it must mean something important, because every Fiche reader had one taped to it.

The notes said:  "Hans!  Bitte schalten Sie das Betrachtungsgerät aus!"  

Which, translated, said:  "Hans!  Please turn off the viewing machine!")

@Stan Galat Thanks for that in-depth explanation of the heat-retention properties of different viscosity fluids.  

For once on here, I just gave the "Readers Digest" version.  

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@Sacto Mitch posted:

 I have the feeling that reading through that catalog is a lot more fun not knowing how much Swedish Kronor are in real money.

I've talked to the man himself. Suffice it to say, the call cost about $5/minute, and it was the cheapest thing about the equation. I stand by my observation-- If I hit the lottery, I'd have him build the baddest street T1 the world has ever seen.

We don't pay the EU VAT, so there's that small consolation. His stuff is all that and a bag of chips.

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