Thanks to Alan for the mudflap idea for when I   ( dread the thought )   TOW my Roadster to Florida in a couple of weeks. I figured a temporary mud flap system for the back of the truck might be a good idea and Alan gave up the idea of sourcing the rubber mats from Tractor Trailer Sales Facility. 

Nicely enough the local Facility gave me three rubber sheets to work with. $10 for an aluminum angle and about $5 more for fasteners and everything is held on by a trailer anti rattle clamp that I had anyway. Not fancy but should work. Test drive it tomorrow to see if it needs any stay bars or the like. Thanks, Alan !

David Stroud

 '92 IM Roadster D 2.3 L Air Cooled

Ottawa, Canada



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Yup...I wondered about that too, Bruce. About 1/2 of the exhaust will hit directly on the mudflap now and it's only about 3" away. I can easily install an aluminum angled deflector on each side and that should help. I think I'll try that and keep a close eye on things along the way. Two bolts and the rig can be quickly removed and pointed at a dumpster. Cheers.  

David, I've towed my speedster to Carlisle twice and my boat to the Keys 4 times, and it's never a relaxing time.  And while you're there you're thinking about the return trip.

It sounds like you've covered all the bases and I know you'll be fine.  You'll be ready for a cold one when you finally get her off the trailer.  Safe trip,brother.

David, PM sent.

Alan Merklin posted:

Looks good but I am thinking the alum angle may not be strong enough for the constant movement  ( I used steel)BTW I added pieces of metal anchor straps at the outer ends and that made for a solid flap hanger mount

Thanks for the feedback guys. Alan, could you please elaborate on your metal anchor straps sentence ? Are you saying you put an anchor strap at the outer ends of each rubber mat or a strap attached to the outer end of the "crossbar" ? Would then both of those get braced forward to some part of the truck frame ?

I did notice today after about a 30 km run that there was indication of " blowback" of exhaust fumes up the bumper a bit and I may just try a couple of exhaust deflectors tomorrow. The crazy part was upon close examination of the rig, I noticed a 9/16" combination wrench sitting on a flat part of the rear bumper....nice ride on those new Dodge's eh ? 

I have no experience with the brush type mud flaps, Ray but I've seen lots of them.

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