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Greetings everyone.

It's about time I parted ways with my beloved SAS Cabriolet that I acquired as the third owner back in 2015.

My oldest daughter will be getting married soon, and the money I had set aside for both of our daughters' weddings is currently invested in this car.

This car was delivered in 2012, and is the first one with a power assisted top.

It has the drivetrain from a 2009 Subaru Legacy, including the 5 speed transmission, set up in mid-engine configuration, so teh rear trunk is actually water tight storage.

It has air conditioning, but it has never blown cold air while I have owned it.  That;'s the only thing wrong with her.

I'll post up some better pictures.  For sale in Central Ohio.

Asking $45,900.

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Well, they didn't make it through the Massachusetts border either, and we'll accept anything!

@msjulie There's not much to see.  The engine/transaxle sits where you would expect the back seat to be and has a hard cover over everything to match the interior.  The top, when down, covers most of that area, too.  Typically, the engine radiators are in the rear wheel wells and don't show, either, so you don't really see much amiss, just another 356 cabriolet (with a power top, on this one).  

@Jethro That may well be the only SAS with a power top.  At least, I have never heard of another one.  Putting that down at a PCA event must shock the heck out of the purists!

I may have a photo of one from a Carlisle meet, though, so I'll dig through the server and see what I can find for you, Julie.

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Sorry to hear you're selling but I understand your reasons. Took me a couple years to recoup my nest egg when My daughter got married. I will be putting my Cabriolet up for sale when I can can get some more pictures of it. My reason for selling is age, not the car but mine. At nearly 82 I can barely bend my leg enough to get in and it gets worse getting out. I don't have the power top or brakes Jethro has but mine has an automatic transmission and a "corpse badge".Porsche 001Porsche 006Porsche 003


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@Jethro posted:

I love driving this car, but I love my daughters more, so it's time for the car to find a new steward.

BTW, and OBDII scanner works since this car has all the wiring from the donor car to include Anti-lock disc brakes, cruise control, and virtually everything the Subaru Legacy donor can had.

Yes it does. When John had the car he got a check engine light on the way to Carlisle. I had my bluetooth OBD II scanner with me(don't know why, I was driving my Spyder) and it was faulty wiring to the VSS(vehicle speed sensor). It was great peace-of-mind for John to not worry about it and get it fixed when he got back home to Rhode Island.

I believe that the full Subaru dash/gauge unit is also under the dashboard as SAS(or anyone else) couldn't make the car run without it.

FYI, this is a REALLY NICE car. Only one with power top as I recall. A gentleman's conveyance it is.

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Yes, it is!     I'm not in a big hurry... just need to turn it into cash before next June when my daughter is getting married.   I bought this car about 6 years ago knowing it would hold its value.  I planned to have fun with it as it held the equivalent of 2 weddings in value, LOL.

Alas, it is time to part ways, and prepare to pay through the nose for a wedding, LOL!

I'll send you a private message.  Maybe we can meet somewhere and you can give it a test drive.

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AC isn't hard to fix. If everything is there, replace the receiver/dryer(moisture destroys them) and suck it down and see if it holds vacuum. If not, simply pressurize the system and use soapy water to find the leak.

FYI, Subarus like to leak right at the compressor. There is a banjo bolt there and the O-rings dry out. About 20 cents for a new one and some freon and down the road you go.

A/C condenser had some damage which was the cause of the leak.  Part#CNFP1214. I also had to fabricate a new hose/fittings.  I couldn't find a shop that would fabricate one for me.  Sad. I had to order the parts and a crimper and do it myself.  I am going to check that banjo bolt at the compressor also.....  Then, I am going to get it charged at a shop.

Thanks for the advice.

Just for contrast information, I sold my AC crimper kit when I retired to the islands thinking I was out of the car fabrication hobby.

I had hoses made for the speedster, but had to change the design when the bullhead mounted condenser picked up too much heat from the internal oil cooler.

I added another condenser in the front wheel well but decided to give the barb and hose clamp fittings a try (I had a bunch that had been included in earlier kits I bought for the Porsches).

Short story, dip the barbs in PAG oil and they slide right in. The clamps hold tight and the system holds vacuum and pressure just fine. If any of you are considering buying a crimper kit, try the barb fittings. You can save some money and mine work fine.

For example:

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Yes this is the one, the hose is smaller in diameter than the stock Automotive hose that AC normally has and you can clip it with two clips yourself without the additional cost of the heavy duty larger hose.   The pliers are not cheap but with EZ-QUip hose you can more easily bend it around corners etc.

When my AC gave up the ghost I changed my line from the front to the back using this.  

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