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see open for comments part one here

I painted it in my garage. Its a benz color. I went with gray because I was tired of playing with it and I dont have to change the top nor carpets. I havent rubbed it out yet but not too bad for a novice.

sorry I posted this in the wrong spot
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not bad at all for a DIY. the buffing will do wonders for the shine!

this has a ghia frame/windshield, right? or was it a ghia car and the 356 nose. i'm pretty i remember this being a ghia with a 356 nose - especially with the ghia hood.

the front looks a little wide (transition to doors seems steep), but generally came out better than i thought it would. good work.
thanks guys. I like the way it looks, its just taken me a looong time to get paint on it.

Needless to say I wanted the body work to be as perfect as possible.
After I changed direction on it, from german look to a coach built style, I wasnt sure I could pull it off.

There is nothing worst than a car that you made in your garage, that LOOKS like a car you made in your garage


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I once PhotoChopped a very different looking beast, but I didn't have to account for the width variable.

I LOVE your solution for a cabrio, a sweet wide-body look. For a staid little coupe, I'd narrow the 356 nose clip through the center, same with the rear clip.

So far, so GREAT ! ! !
Thanks for the props, Ive been playing with it for a loooong time and just wanted to finish it( I know these things are never really finished)

The stance is pretty low, I might have to raise the rear a bit.

My rims are flipped Porsche steelies that I made (got the know how from here)

I'm going to keep it like this, as my taste have changed. I now really like coach built style cars as compared to customs, If I were to do it again I would make it look like a prototype from the 50's ie less flared,more chrome trim pieces, more elegant interior, etc, etc. It would have the fit and finish of that time period.

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