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I put a roller pedal on Bridget, my fake MG TD, because (right!) the original MG TDs had them.

Used something like you have pictured but modded to a smaller roller piece to increase verisimilitude. It works fine but, as explained above, not good for heel-toe.

The original MGs had them because the pedal/foot box was so small even 1950s Brits couldn't fit their dogs in there too well. The little wheel freed up room for the other two pedals.



...Actually, I don't heel and toe.  Maybe I should.

@Stan Galat posted:

It's a neat skill to learn, but if you don't you don't.

It may not be as exciting as dancing the Tango, but you will want to at least try this little two-step before abandoning all hope.

It's a little like riding a bicycle the first time - you don't get it at all, and then you do.

On the right road, especially in little mechanical cars like ours with little engines that would be kept on a boil to do their stuff, this can be a very cool thing.

The Prius drivers around you will have no idea at all about all the fun they are missing.

But you will.


If you spend time on the track, you'll need to learn.

Blipping the throttle with the right side of your foot while threshold braking into a corner AND not upsetting the car while re-engaging the clutch is the purpose. Setting yourself up for an earlier throttle roll-on and exiting FASTER is the entire point.

Do it well, and it is a thing of beauty.

If you want to move up the ladder and get out of the "green" run group(beginner/noob), it's a requirement. Doesn't matter what car it is, as long as it has three pedals.

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i'm in full agreement to all above comments from the boys ...who are very in the know about most all subjects regarding our little cars....i do know how to do the heel/toe dance....but in my coupe, being 6'2" my right leg and knee are not in a comfortable position to do so....which is a bummer, and since i don't really Mullholland drive my car and aim at guardrails as a rule,,,,i'll get over it,,,i have a small roller pedal under a flat aluminum pedal which works fine and looks kewl....but i do like the look of those rollers  20210731_112401


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