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HI all, I just ordered my car from VMC and i am very excited . I have a few questions that maybe you guys can help out with. I am looking to create more of an original look in the interior especially with the steering wheel . Can a reproduction steering wheel for a 57 Speedster be used ? Can an original be used as well? What about the interior door panels , Did they have side pockets or were they without pockets? Thanks and I look forward to joining the group!


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I agree that wheel is not my favourite but the original P wheel that was on my original 59a. Coupe wa really awesome with the full horn ring.

msw site has them but there not inexpensive.

i thought about adding it at one point but the VDM GT which @Marty Grzynkowicz had is still classic awesome BLING.  Everything is in short supply Wilfully or unwillingly and the pricing has also gone crazy by Those who are taking advantage of the situation.

You can’t buy steel you can’t get cement etc. etc. every market is affected by 30% increase including tires where I am

check out this link

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If you are planning on a 356 pre-A (before 1956) or A (1956 to 1958) they had different steering wheels.  The pre-A was gray:

white dash

While the A-series was White with the headlight flash ring.  The horn blew by pushing the center Porsche button.  Some owners bought custom, black steering wheels after delivery from the dealer but they were not offered AFAIK from the factory.

356 steering wheel 3

Many, many owners chose to upgrade to a Nardi wooden wheel because they were stiffer, gave better grip in the sweaty summer race season and looked better (less busy):

Red Dash

The Black steering wheel you mention didn't appear until the 356 "B" series in 1960 and would not be seen on one of our cars unless it was a dealer or owner-installed option after delivery (like a lot of other stuff, like outside mirrors);

356 B dash


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  • Red Dash
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