Help. Is there and order of installation for carpet kit pieces that you have found works out best? E.g. start in front, do the doors first, etc?

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Mike Pickett

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Order of carpet pieces installation:

Tunnel, rockers,  kick panels ( PITA- trim a bit at a time) then forward bulkhead         Rear seat tub wall,  seat base,  vertical seat base wall( between tunnel and seat base)  then rear floors and lastly front floors.

I also found it helpful to lay them all out in the sun on your driveway before installing them, as the sun warms them and makes them more pliable.

Or, in your case, Mike, just wave them around up near that Volcano in the middle of the island...

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IaM-Ray posted:

@Michael Pickett  I just saw the stage your at with your car... I know we all like the leather dash but you know the painted dash is pretty cool too. Just saying

Yep, I'm still trying to decide. I went ahead and got the matching leather dash and trim from Greg when I ordered the seats and door panels so it's certainly a possibility.  Because it seems like something I can do anytime, it's a decision I can put off.

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