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Hello! After less than 5 years of "madness" I've decided to go sane. All my extra toys must go. A bit of honesty with myself after all this time to think. Turns out my car enthusiast desires are best left at that, desires. I'm too comfortable with modern technology and my desire to learn how to wrench was trumped by lack of time. Ya know, wife, 2 kids, church, self employed, and a couple dozen tenants to manage. 

A long intro to say that my Speedster is up for grabs. Things I know:

It was advertised as a 1956 but it seems to have 1957 style lights.

1915cc engine

Dual Weber 40's

Front disc brakes

4 speed manual

AM/FM/Cassette with power antenna (lower section was bent in a near decapitation by road debris)

Still the gel coat finish. There are a few scratches (see 2 kid statement above)

Built in 1989 by a VW enthusiast. He got cancer and sold it to a friend. Said friend put about 1000 miles on it before I picked it up. I've only put 2000 miles on it in the last 4.5. Current odometer reading: 7453-ish. I'll probably take it for a few more spins before she goes.

Free and clear Wisconsin title.

Tires: P205/50ZR15 and 225/50ZR15

Weight: 2020 with me, my son and half a tank of gas so ~1700 dry

I'm willing to transport for $1.50/mile or assist your transport crew.


I do have the my basement. Took it off to transport from Iowa to Wisconsin and just never put it back on. Only got caught in the rain once!

Thanks for looking!

PS. what do you think of the IKEA photo shoot? Pun intended! *some assembly required


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