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I got tired of my square rear view mirror, and decided to modify a Harley motorcycle oval mirror.  After some, cutting, drilling, and tapping of the side view stem, I can say it came out great.  I wanted an oval mirror to “mirror” my oval rear window.  It came out perfect, and I can say it will make my car stand out ever so slightly.6CE49ABC-4D21-4907-A243-AB5567761CDEE97F7A69-C012-4849-B15F-9DFA51AE30965DA203EB-B4A2-4C2D-B456-E86C5427CAA2OkAD726DFF-E522-4CE1-89AA-C8E564CB65E04EAFE7B2-7D89-4A4F-8F80-3EFA95E64DB285B595F3-6942-4016-A277-0C85A89D7B7A


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  • 6CE49ABC-4D21-4907-A243-AB5567761CDE
  • E97F7A69-C012-4849-B15F-9DFA51AE3096
  • 5DA203EB-B4A2-4C2D-B456-E86C5427CAA2
  • D61634D6-25FB-41B1-9AFF-57BC2A59AC43
  • AD726DFF-E522-4CE1-89AA-C8E564CB65E0
  • 4EAFE7B2-7D89-4A4F-8F80-3EFA95E64DB2
  • 85B595F3-6942-4016-A277-0C85A89D7B7A
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