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I have just purchased a 2017 Speedster in mint condition with 2000 miles built in 2017 by Vintage Speedsters of Hawaiin Gardens, CA. It arrives sometime over the next 5 days. Does anyone know where I can find an owners manual or the content of one? I'd like to know the proper way to open and shut the frunk, recommended tire pressures, the proper way to fold down and bring back up the convertible top, etc.

Thank you. Excited to be a part of "the club".


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Welcome to the madness!  My car is a CMC that I built and have assembled an owner's manual for my own use (or a future owner).  Therefore, I do not have Vintage specific instructions, but your questions above are a little more generic.

The frunk is pretty simple, fold down the prop rod, close the lid and push down firmly until it clicks into the fully closed position.  Pull the knob under the dash to open.

For tire pressure I tend to run around 28-30 PSI.  A little higher in the rear can help handling in corners by limiting tire roll.  A little less in the front can soften the ride, there is not much weight up there.

For the top, Jim Ignacio aka @MusbJim has made a great set of instructions for folding and storage.  I condensed the instructions into a pdf for my own use and have attached.

Also, here is a current post with links to useful information about using the top

Hope this helps.  There is a lot of useful information that can found with the search function above and the folks on this site are very helpful with questions.  Congrats on the car and enjoy!


My frunk makes two clicks when closing, and without achieving the second click it will pop open to the last-chance-catch during a drive.  It happened about three or four times before I figured it out, and was super happy I had leather bonnet straps.  

After gently closing the lid with one click to what appears to be closed and flush, I need to take two hands and push just a bit harder to get the second click.  Then I’m good.

Goyo you also asked about opening the frunk - pull the cable release which should pop the lid up a bit, then you need to insert a straight finger or two slightly left of center (your left as you face  rearward) to find the release mechanism and push it rearward to allow you to open the hood.  When opening the hood, be careful not to raise it too high - raise it just high enough to allow you to utilize the prop bar otherwise you may crunch your wipers.

One of the things you want to try to document is the engine build and specs. Some VS engines have displacement painted on back of fan shroud.  Perhaps PO has build sheet?  Nice to know if a stock1600 cc or economy performance 1915 cc or a performance 2110.  Be nice to document carbs/dizzy/crank/cam/flywheel/heads/valves.

I'd use the sparce VS owner's manual with caution.  For example, alloy push rods take .006 valve adjustment but steel ones take zero. There was a VS wiring diagram here at one point.

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