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I bought a cream colored Vintage speedster approx 2 yrs ago. Car was awesome!.. built in 2009 and only 1100 miles.all was perfect(previous owner had many cars and took great care). Last summer I began to see bumps ... looks like the car has measles...has anyone seen/heard of this?

thnx for the input!


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The first owner had the car for 9 yrs.... no issues.... I have it in a basement.... the only thing I did was purchase a ceramic coating and apply it.... would this by chance have any impact on the paint?

I’ve seen it once on a Beck that lived within 150 yards of the Intra-Coastal Waterway.  I mostly sat in the garage forever and moisture had gotten under the paint on the passenger door and right front fender.  Looked like they had massive goose bumps!

The cure was to strip it down to the gel coat and repaint using the recommended prep, primers and color coat mix.  I might feel better with a full car repaint, but that would be up to you.

I had a few of those measles appear not long after I got my car. I had ordered my car, so everything was new. I figured it was the fiberglass off gassing??? They haven't gotten worse over the 5 years I've owned it.

I did have some shrinkage of the fiberglass in the areas of the front hood that are reinforced on the back side. It shows as a slight depression on the surface. There were also a few flaws here and there. One day in the far future, I'll get all this fixed. Maybe even do some mild flaring on the front fenders. I have a Spyder, BTW.

Odd that it took eleven years for the paint pimples to appear, sometimes a fresh paint will have that happen when the fiberglass has not had enough time to cure and " off gas "

Wonder if the ceramic coating locked moisture behind the paint - maybe due to damp conditions with basement storage?

Would the paint have bubbled if the moisture was trapped between the ceramic coating and the paint? It would seem more likely that the ceramic would bubble, but then I don't know anything about this type of thing.

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