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I have personally seen this car and pampered is an understatement, having spent most of the past 20+ years in a climate-controlled environment and seldom taken on the road.  It is a beautiful sandy-beige with black interior and last time I saw it had zero rust that I could find, especially on the undercarriage - truly remarkable in this day and age.

This is the same couple for whom I helped remove the damaged windshield on their AME 550 Spyder which has already been sold, I've heard.

I have no interest in this car, other than trying to help the owner and his wife market it.  The following website is pretty complete (lots of photos) and the people at Legendary are famously helpful to inquisitive buyers.



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Very nice, I really like the colour.  1600cc would make me want to increase the engine size for sure.  Thanks for showing is that car.

That's a very nice 912. Price is decent and a slight drop from the last few years. Even better if there is full doc/provenance. From the looks of it, the car has been sorted. 

It's been very well sorted but has not been driven in a few years due to the owner's poor health (Parkinson's), hence the climate controlled storage.  I don't know if it has yet sold so check Legendary's site if anyone is interested and contact them direct.

There may be another 912 coming up for sale soon, equally well sorted and pampered but that owner's health has been better so he's been driving it a bit.  That guy also has a VS Speedster and will be selling them both as he and his wife are moving to assisted living and can no longer keep the toy cars.  I'll provide more info as it becomes available.

Gordon, thanks for posting to the community. These are great cars to pass to others who will honor them and  or drive them as they were intended. The 912bbs forum is a great community of 912 owners and enthusiasts. They would love to hear about the cars if they don't know about them already. I can say from experience, trying to decide which car to drive on any given day or morning in S. Cal (the 912 or the VS) poses first world problems - in a good way. When I drive the 912, I experience history, balance and efficiency of the 1600. When I drive the VS, I experience the look and feel of a beautiful and raw open top iconic roadster but with a street 2276. I don't tend to use the doors on the VS. And the water-cooled 911, rarely gets driven.

OK, I got some info from the second seller:  

He sold his Vintage Speedster to the realtor who sold his house.  Got a very decent price for it and both buyer and seller are happy.  It was a classic-sided ivory on red and has under 15K miles on it IIRC.

He also found a space at a local classic car storage facility for his 912 that's 15 minutes from his new home so he's keeping that for now and staying in the hobby - Besides, his wife always hated the Speedster, so keeping a coupe makes more sense.

Sorry for the false alarm, but I didn't want one to slip by if I could help out.

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