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I posted on Micahel's thread about Pat having his own engine building and performance shop. I decided it needed its own thread so as not to interfere with Michael's post.

Pat Downs is building motors for Greg and Carey. He also builds engines for anyone who wants one. If you email him he will likely share his number and you can have a discussion about your engine performance needs.

Pat is also designing and building new parts. He has made tremendous growth in the area of custom port work on heads and as such has designed a new set of heads that he will be selling. He can share performance specs with you if you're interested. At some point he may even have an e-commerce page where you can order parts.

His email is:

I know he currently has balanced and welded fans.

In fact Pat just redid the ports on his race car heads and it will have 16:1 compression. He says he's going to smash his previous records.

Please don't do what a former member did and spend four hours on the phone with him getting engine performance ideas all together and then have someone else build the motor. Pat is running his own shop now and has a lot on his plate but he'll bend over backwards to help you.

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