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received my pedal kit from brazil....after a bit of investigating, seems the juice isn't worth the squeeze for our my application..1st i have the BIG BOY clutch extension shaft that adds 3/4 " (which i want to keep for the lack of the "hook", way better) which makes the kit to wide to fit between tunnel and body area.....would also have to cut a section of carpet so the mounting plate lays flat...and drilling 2 holes...along with altering coo coo mats to fit around the bump stops...let alone cutting the tops of the pedal almost 3 inches to work with the lower dash other words , more work involved ,where what i have works fine as is....i just thought they looked BAD ASS RACE CAR STUFF....these will work better in the stock VW type 1 application way easier...or maybe a sand rail etc....i paid $188.00 for the kit itself plus $88.00 for shipping from brazil...i will take $200.00 even & eat some more shipping in U.S.A. to one of the boys here.....feel free to PM me for more info20210618_14215020210618_142506


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