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Hey guys, I wanted to let you know that my beloved Penny is now on Bring a Trailer. Those of you who know the car - I would appreciate it if you could leave a comment on the listing to help with the sale.

Terry Nuckels


2004 JPS Speedster "Penny"


The difference between genius and stupidity is that genius has its limits.

Original Post

Hey Joe,

Yeah, I bought a 2014 Mazda MX5 Club with an automatic. My left knee is an arthritic mess so no more clutch for me.

@Terry Nuckels

DANG, Terry! Saddened by the fact that arthritic joints brings you to sell your beloved Penny. But I understand the motive, I have a room full of guitars I can't play anymore due to arthritis advancing in my fingers.

Some lucky ba$tard will end up with a kick a$$ car, that's for sure. Should sell quickly.

enjoy ur new car...automatics arent really that PDK is way more fun to drive than with stick,,use the paddles often...Im sure there are some Mazda clubs around,probably not as rowdy as SOC guys..

Beautiful car except the volkswagen plate on the dash--what were you thinking?? Would be better to have nothing.

You either love it or you don't.

I do.

Regardless, the last three slides are a description. One line reads, "Volkswagen badging (Porsche badging included in the sale)".

Hey @Heritage 2008. What do you drive? My car has a VW pan, a VW engine, transmission, suspension and, guess what, it's titled as a VOLKSWAGEN. 

It's not a P car. I have never tried to pass it off as one.

Hey Joe,

Yeah, I bought a 2014 Mazda MX5 Club with an automatic. My left knee is an arthritic mess so no more clutch for me.

So were both of mine and instead of selling the car I had my suspension outfitted with two brand new titanium knees. I was driving the Speedster after just three weeks.

The world truly is at an end. This news just, well, stinks. I'm really sorry your knee is shite. GLWTS!

Sadly an end of an era.  But it will make my first editions of Nuckles DIY books so much more valuable.  

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I'll be around, guys. Just in a different vehicle.

The whole story is as follows: Yes, the knee is a problem. I could have surgery to replace said knee but I'm not ready for that. Penny and I have had some great times together. It was always a thrill to get in her and turn the key...until it wasn't. I really don't know why but I got in her one day and it just didn't feel right anymore. Maybe it's because I'm now retired and have so many other things to occupy my time. Maybe it's because I've owned this car far longer than any other vehicle. All I know is that it's been a great ride. Over the last 16 + years and 64,000 miles Penny and I have discovered wonderful places, roads simply too perfect for words, many interesting people, some that will be friends for life.

I know one thing for sure, whoever ends up with her is going to get one helluva bitchin' automobile. She out performs the MX-5 in almost all categories except for braking. Of course, I haven't started with the modifications on the Mazda...

I'll be around. I'm not going anywhere. I'll continue to participate in the organized events and I'm still up for any drives around my neck of the woods where we have the best roads.

I'm not sure how I'll feel if someone from here buys Penny. Kinda like having your old girlfriend hook up with your buddy and you still kinda like her. But if someone here is lucky enough to get her, fair warning; treat her right or I'll kick your ass.


Say it isn't so.

The Rockies may crumble, Gibraltar may tumble, but Terry and the copper car have been here to stay. I've been nursing my clown car along for seven years now, but you were a 10-year veteran when I started. You'd been through it all before I knew what a fauxster was. And you'd replaced or rebuilt most of one.

I watched you upside down in parking lots, only your feet still showing, performing life-saving surgery while everyone else stood around and drank beer. You had more tools in your frunk than I've got in my garage.

You've been my rock. When I was gnashing teeth and transaxles, when I needed a new engine, when my sump was dragging, when my wiring was going up in smoke, you were the voice of calm and reason. You were the one who talked me off the ledge and convinced me life with a fiberglass impostor might be worth living. And when the smoke had cleared, you turned out to be right.

So I think I know what this decision must mean to you.

And I'm guessing you're already working out the details for how to put a seven-speed in that MX-5.


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It is not a vw either. I have neither a P or VW emblem because its neither--its a bastard I guess. Plate says CMC and I always represent it as a 356 replica. All in fun Terry. Hope the body heals--my knee 16 month knee replacement hasn't been painless yet.

Anyone else have a gas pedal leg numbing after a long run? Getting old is a gift but a PITA at times too.

Wow Terry so sorry to hear that you have to sell Penny that is a classic car. I hope your arthritis is manageable and not giving you too much of a headache. I’ve been having back issues and probably won’t be doing any long-distance drives in my little car but I could tow it out to SLO and drive it around when I get there. Glad you got anotherFun car however so enjoy that and stay safe my friend.

I just wanted to thank all of you who have posted comments on my auction page. Those comments have helped keep the conversation very positive! Very few snarky comments. I guess any site that allows comments is bound to have some characters - BaT is no exception. But as long as the dialogue keeps moving the bidding higher it's all good!

I do feel like I'm on call 24/7 for the next 6 days...

Terry, best of luck with the sale.

How has the experience been with BAT staff? I heard they can be sticklers about the reserve? How did you find their service so far?


They've been great. There wasn't much of a fuss regarding the reserve. 

I think the main thing with BaT is that you have to be very thorough and upfront about your car. When I pitched Penny to BaT I was able to present her in a way that made her special enough to have them list her. Once accepted you need to send in a lot of photos and those pics need to show everything, the good and the bad. Your description and information has to be thorough. You can see what I wrote in the last 3 photos in the gallery. You have to be on top of the auction: responding to comments, adding info along the way, keep the auction interesting. It helps to have friends weigh in on the condition of the car. You guys have been great!

The one thing I didn't know before about BaT is that they are essentially a glorified eBay. They aren't selling your car, you are. Once the auction is over they connect you with the buyer and that's it. Of course, they collect 5% of the high bid from the buyer immediately. Fortunately, the only cost for the seller is $99.00. You can opt for the premier package which gets you a professional photographer to take the photos which I originally requested but, because of COVID-19, this service is not available.

All in all, I'm happy with the process and, so far, the experience. I am very happy that it'll be over Tuesday, 5/12, at 1:00 pm PST.

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Terry, you're conducting a clinic on how to do BaT right. Your pics are very well done, your vid is straightforward without being over-produced, and your presence on the auction thread is helpful and kindly—not boastful or defensive. 

It helps a lot that your car is as good as it is. But what you're doing in the auction process is definitely helping.

I'm sorry you have to sell this car; sorry for the reason. But I'm thankful for seeing this auction. I intend to bookmark it and return to absorb its lessons when I put the Spyder up for sale.

I've been denied by BAT twice.  It's my impression that they don't ask for a free-form detailed description of the car until after they accept it.  Their decision is based on all of your answers in the submission form and the pictures you send.  The detailed description is submitted after the car is accepted. 

I was surprised to see them accept a Speedster replica registered as an actual Porsche and another from someone who didn't know if his car had 4 lug wheels of wide 5s.

They won't take a newly built show quality dune buggy unless I agreed to a reserve 1/3 less than I wanted.( I sold it two days later at full asking price)   Yet BAT will list a Chevette,  Pinto, Yugo, Fiat or Opel with no problem

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