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During the application process you have an opportunity to list the details of your car. I put down the qualities of Penny as well as the features. I put some quality glamour shots one accumulates over 16 years.

I had a reserve in mind, they did as well. I explained my reasons, they listened, we met in the middle.

I think, right now because of what's going on in the world, they would accept any replica speedster, considering what they're going for on their site


Ya I mean when you run the show, you can decide who gets to enter. I questioned some of their low/mid mileage Japanese econo boxes, 90's Ford pickups that are anything but rare, and there is the Yugo or two. What they deem as 'interesting' and in demand is subjective.

In this current economic climate one would think BAT wouldn't be so picky as income is income.

Everybody sees it differently, I suppose. The current economic climate may (or may not, depending) end-- but if they damage their brand, there's no coming back.

Troy has had a very nice speedster rejected I had two new build speedsters and the show dune buggy rejected. But the icing on the cake was  friend that had a custom built $100,000 plus Hauk Designs Jeep get the boot too.  ( BTW check out there Jeeps, they are in Chambersburg PA. I hauled a few of their high end Jeeps for high end  buyers in the sand lands of Saudi Araba, Kuwait  etc.  )


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It could have something to do with the mix of cars being offered at any given time.

There are currently two replica Speedsters (including Terry's), two real 356 coupes, and a real Speedster on BaT.

Probably not the best time to be approaching them with another replica Speedster.

Or, maybe it's got something to do with the cycles of the Aurora Borealis.


I can t believe a Stock VS is going for +5K more than penny...  hopefully that will change in the final stretch... the VS action ends in 20 minutes.


@MotoCarlo posted:

Today is the day. Good luck!

7 hrs left, and the bid stands at $17,750, as of right now. The comments section couldn't be more positive, and Terry has answered every question promptly and politely.

I'm very curious how this will finish up. I've seen auctions with a dogfight of bidding at the end, and auctions where everything just lays there and dies. I'm hoping this on is the former and not the latter, both because it's good for my friend and because it is good for anybody who wants to list on BaT in the future.


It wasn't BaT, but I recently was involved in a bid on PCar market. The car sat at 16.5 until the last half-hour, and was not sold at 22k, reserve not met.

I think you'll see it move up quick just before the end. No worries, Terry, I'm pretty positive you'll do OK. You've got a great car.

This is easily a $30k car - nice Mahle wheels, 5 speed trans, beefy engine, beautiful paint/interior. Calif registration.  Needs nothing - jump in and drive it.

@edsnova posted:

There's four bidders here. Under $25k it'll be a steal. I think it'll top that though. 

Reserve should be north of that and I'm sure it is. I think a lot of buyers can't see past the mileage personally with so many inferior builds out there in the single digit thousand miles.

Who knows how it will go. I've gotten private emails from interested parties who have not bidded or commented on the auction.

Penny is not for everyone. I knew that when I commissioned the build and I knew it when I sent in my application to BaT. There are those watching this auction who 'get it' and know what Penny's worth. It's only going to take one of them with the cash to make us both happy.

Btw, in the event she doesn't sell. If anyone is interested in buying Penny, please contact me via private message.

Thanks guys

Bid on penny but wife is not 100% so I'm not continuing to push. You've done a great job with the listing, just feel a lot of people are in a concerned state with what they should be spending. 

Still got my eyes out for the right car and if you don't end up getting a deal done let me know. Glwta


I think Penny's value was appreciated long before the final hour, but shrewd bidders try not to tip their hand.

The winner placed his first bid in the final 15 minutes. (And BTW, bought another car on BaT just yesterday - an '80s Toyota Land Cruiser.)

In my somewhat biased opinion, it was the five-speed that made the difference here. About a half-dozen previously silent bidders showed up in the last 30 minutes and almost doubled what the bid had been just this morning.

They were probably hoping no one would notice the discussion of the drivetrain over the past few days (I don't think any of them participated in that).

Anyway, good show, Mr. Nuckels!

You can now pay off the new MX-5 and even spring for some fuzzy dice for the rearview mirror.


Congratulations Terry!  

After all these years it just occurred to me why Terry called his car Penny.  Because she is copper colored.  WOW!  I can't believe I just figured that out.

Yeah, all that money goes to pay off our badass minivan. 

The buyer had reached out to me earlier in the day to ask specific questions and I was pretty confident that he would get the car. He resides in Utah and will be picking Penny up this weekend. I'm hoping he'll check in here.

Thanks to all of you who commented during the auction. Your participation helped in keeping Penny in the best possible light and probably encouraged prospective buyers to bid.

BTW, the new kids in the stable:



Images (2)

I signed up here just to commend Terry on a well done auction. If any of y'all know of another speedster hitting the market please let me know!

Major Congratulations that car was worth every bit of the final bid! That lucky buyer is going to enjoy the hell out of the car, just said that she had to give it up Terry.

Congrats Terry !  Speedsters just keep on appreciating, a good thing !


Congrats on the sale Terry.. All of our well built Speedster's seem to be appreciating. Might be the sweet pocket of time we are in with all the boomers and older Gen Xer's that have the income to buy fun toys.  I bought a 77 Puma GTE yesterday I wasn't planning on getting but it was the right  opportunity and I have been looking awhile.  I love investments you can play with.

i will be looking for U on the back roads...if ur coming over to El Dorado cty we can go on the twisties, im always open for a car looks great.......we could meet in Cool.

Terry - Join the MX-5 owners (Miata) over on 

It's set up a little different where its by model nomenclature - so yours is an NC.  I have an ND - the current body style (2016-2020).  Different crowd there - a lot of weekend racers and modifiers but wide range of ages.  A lot of owners with MX-5s - seems a lot of ND models are older buyers.  

@WOLFGANG posted:

Terry - Join the MX-5 owners (Miata) over on 

It's set up a little different where its by model nomenclature - so yours is an NC.  I have an ND - the current body style (2016-2020).  Different crowd there - a lot of weekend racers and modifiers but wide range of ages.  A lot of owners with MX-5s - seems a lot of ND models are older buyers.  

I have signed up but haven't been approved for posting just yet. The 3rd gen MX-5 or NC doesn't get a lot of love it seems, which is fine by me. I'm already looking at suspension mods and a new axle-back exhaust. I might not be able to work the clutch anymore but I can still drive like a mad hatter.

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