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I have a very modern radio in my '06 VS - which I hate.  I planned to replace it with a period correct radio, but now realize that bluetooth for music is too good to pass up.  Any suggestions for a radio that is period consistent; but includes bluetooth for streaming?  My radio is mounted like most VS cars of that period, in a little back casing that looks to hold any standard radio.



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You could remove the stereo altogether and go with a Bluetooth enabled amplifier that would receive the signal from your BT device and replay it through your speakers. You would control the volume, scan thru your music library, and etc on your BT device. You wouldn't even need a stereo mounted in the car.

If you have to have a period correct looking stereo you could get a Retrosound stereo or get a Blaupunkt from that era and have it rebuilt with modern internals but that is pricey.

If you want to get rid of the head unit consider the Out of Sight Audio. I am driving 4 speakers with the Mark II and stream from my iPhone.  Door speakers are installed as you describe and the other two are mounted high up in the footwell. While it is not going to blow your socks off it the sound is clear and I have my tunes even when cruising at 70 on the interstate.  I like the clean look of the dash while still having my tunes. IMG_4934


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