A permalink is a numeric weblink to that specific posting that will not change, even if the human readbale url of the link does change.  For web search, we use a link that has a human readable description in it.  For this thread it would be

If that got changed to maybe
https://www.speedsterowners.co...ic/permalink_this_is _new
you could still find the post by it's original permalink

Most users will never need to know the permalink, but it is there.


Michael McKelvey posted:

Thank you for your prompt reply.  I thought maybe it was a way to save a link to a posting to my account so I can easily return to it later.

I save threads that have information I may want for later in favorites on the computer. I have threads from here, the Samba, Shop Talk Forums and Cal Look Lounge for reference. Once they start to get to be a fair number organize them in alphabetical order.

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