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I'm planning a trip to LA this weekend and plan to visit Perry D's and Vintage Spyder. From the brochure Perry's spyder kits start at $3800. What do you think about there quailty, service, finish and fit of there kit?

1956 CMC(Flared Speedster)
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Now that you've gone to the web sites, I'd recommend that you stay away from the Perry Design. Although it has "some" merits, its design is vastly different from a Beck or Vintage. The advantage of a Beck or Vintage is the engine/trans placement and handling.
In addition, the Beck and Vintage more closely resemble the original 550 Porsche design, the Perry, when placed next to a Beck or Vintage sticks out like a sore thumb.

If you choose a Vintage, plan on at least a 1 year wait. If you choose a Beck, they can usually deliver within 2 months. Beck utilizes the standard torsion bar rear suspension with a swing axle, Vintage uses a "dunebuggy" style rear trailing arm with a coil over shock and swing axle. Regardless of what people say, the Vintage is not a better system, only different. The trailing arm/coilover system has been used by dunebuggy manufacturers for years and was developed mainly when they started building mid=engine cars. ironically, it was also done to add more positive camber (detrimental to a street car) for added ground clearance. Vintage uses a little bit more steel in their frame than does Beck. Both cars have the same swing axle dilemma, that is, both cars are subject to positive camber during hard cornering. Both cars are extremely fun to drive and depending on who you talk with, those that own a Vintage swear by their car and those that own a Beck swear by their cars as well. Kind of like "Ford vs Chevy"
I purchased a 1 year old used Beck, however I did look at the Vintage when I was contemplating my purchase. Had I had found a used Vintage prior to finding the Beck, I would have purchased it. Each has their good and bad qualities and each can be customized to the owners taste. Good luck during your selection.

ps, Beck is in Baldwin Park, CA (866) 842-2325, Vintage is in Orange, CA (714) 538-6550 and Perry is in Corona, (909) 279-6198 (not sure if this phone # is correct) All three manufactureres are within a 40 mile radius of each other.
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Drive both and then make and then decide. I have never known anyone that has driven both and then chosen a Beck. But, I do know two guys that had Becks then drove the Vintage, sold the Becks and now own Vintage Spyders. Yes they are that good and I say anyone that says otherwise has not objectively driven both. Yes, I have drive multiple Becks, TRs & Vintage.


See what I mean about "Ford vs Chevy"??? Next thing we're going to see is the little guy pissing on the Vintage logo or pissing on the Beck logo. "Beck vs Vintage" Both cars are OK in my book.

I drove a Vintage and it was OK, I also drove a Beck and it too was

I've done a great deal of high speed competitive driving both for Porsche (part time) and when we would test police cars, and quite frankly, the Vintage and the Beck don't handle very well in my opinion.

And, BTW, I own a Beck.

If I the opportunity to buy a used Vintage arose at the time I decided to buy a car, I probably would have bought it. The Beck came along at the right time and the right price and I made the purchase. I'm not sorry. and I really don't want to get into a pissing match over who's car is better, I'm just trying to give you objective information.
I wasn't insinuating that you were Beck bashing, only pointing out to James that the 2 prominent replica cars have quite an avid following. Those that own Vintage cars, swear by them, those that own Beck cars also swear by them. And, some people swear at both of them!!!!

You will have to agree that if you want a car now, and don't want to deal with a 1+ year wait, you will probably buy a Beck


Conversely, those that want "extras" that Beck doesn't offer or even acknowledge will go with a Vintage. Beck is only now ""starting"" to acknowledge aftermarket guys like Russ and Dario. When I went to Beck to test drive a car, I drove a white 550 with Russ's Fibersteel interior upgrades, seats, carpet etc. Greg at Beck said they were just now offering the aftermarket upgrades. As I remember, it also had a fake oil cooler front grill and other extras. When I went to see Greg L. at Vintage, it was commonplace for his cars to have Dario and Fibersteel extras, in fact, he had their upgrades on his order sheets.

In any case, both cars are far superior in fit, finish and authenticity then is a Perry.
JIM - There are many items you need to factor in your purchase of a Spyder:
1. The Perry should be seen to further appreciate the Vintage Beck or TR.

2. The Beck should be seen as should the TR, a must see.

3. Vintage should be seen.

4. All must be driven and then your decision.

5. The only down side to any of the mid engine manufacturers is the excessive time lag offered by Vintage. Time seems to stand still in Vintage land and a two year wait may not be too far fetched.

6. 550 Joe will defend Greg Leach because they being good friends makes sense.

7. If you want to drive soon, either buy a new Beck, New TR or a used vintage.
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