Hey Spyder folks! 

At Werks this past year I was asked to have my car filmed on the web site Petrolicious, was a complete shock and honored to have the request. Considering this car is a recreation...never thought the day would come where we would get this respect. But in Feb before the Cov19 they came and filmed for three days. 

Honored to be asked, and hope my car and description of build and ownership lives up to the expectation and reality of all my fellow Spyder owners!

Also our very own Kevin - Bay Area used his 356 as a chase car for the filming to get those close up shots, and high speed runs. Was a great time and fun to have both Vintage Cars working as a team!



Wait till this baby hits 88mph....your going to see some serious shit!!

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Thanks everyone. Was honored to be asked all the way back at WERKS in Aug, took some time to get this done but the experience was amazing. The director was flew in from Italy and was a pro, so happy he set the film up to be just a regular car guy with a passion and desire to build his dreams. Just like all of us here! I'm lucky to have the cars I've built in the past with me. Each is a self expression of a point in time, making things better and more desirable with effort and learning! Had never worked with aluminum, dimple dies, rivets, or had sewn before I did the interior and other motor work. Flattered that at WERKS Petrolicious noticed and wanted to film it.



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Very cool. Thanks for sharing. I’m on my 3rd Vintage Motorcar Spyder. The current one with a 200hp Subaru engine. Funny you said that driving it wears you out but in a good way. I said that exact thing to my son a few weeks ago. Awesome piece. 

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