If you are like me and like to take an adventure in your Speedster and use your GPS on your phone then here is a quick and easy solution for a phone holder. 

Buy these.


Duct tape to the back side of the dash, use another magnet and JB weld it to a el cheapo case and Tada, phone holder. Made one for my 981 as well for my upcoming road trip to Branson this Sat. 



2015 Vintage Speedster, Royal Blue, leather interior, 1915


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Nope.  The magnetic field isn't strong enough and it's static.  An EMP (Electro-Magnetic Pulse), such as that caused by a nuclear explosion, is a moving field, which induces a pulse of high current that fries circuits.

Jethro posted:

I thought magnets would hurt the solid state memory chips (and possibly other components) of cell phones?

Most cellphones today have a coil in them for wireless charging, so I doubt it.

Video cassettes, audio cassettes, and magnetic strips on credit cards are all sensitive to magnets though.

Thank you James, I will use your solution with the magnet for my audio installation, I have a bluetooth amplifier with a wired remote control (without head unit), so this magnet is also the perfect solution for the remote control (I could also hide the remote behind the dash after use).



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