Planning Stage - West Coast Cruise

Hello folks:

I am all booked and ready for this adventure... Now the fun part.. Getting Miss Jill all ready to go.. It will be great to see everyone and meet the new people.. This is always a great time!!

I know Terry Nuckles is writing a new book to be released at this event, cannot wait to add it to my collection...

See you all soon




Paul L. Watts posted:

Hello out there in the ozone. It looks like I'll be "in country" this year and am ready to Cruise again. Is there anyone kicking "tires" and taking names for a registration? If so, who might that be; and if not, ...what time will the Games begin at the Quality Suites on Sat. morning?  

June 8th-10th. No decision on game time but in the past it’s usually about 0900 hours. 

Robert M posted:
slofuzz posted:

****NEWS FLASH****

Our rooms at the Quality Suites have gone up, but a deal was made so not as much.

Quality Suites is now at $279/ night through all the travel booking sites.  The group rate discount is only 12% which would make it $245/ night.  Our deal was $229/night, but wait!  It gets better!!!

We are now booked at the Quality Suites for $219/night.  The hotel someone suggested is still going for over $260/ night without breakfast, drinks and suites.

We have 30 rooms blocked until April 27th (Friday).  If you miss that date, you're on your own.  If you think you want to go, but aren't sure you can make it, call and book and, if needed, cancel before the cancellation date of 2 days prior.  Of course, contact me before you cancel since I may have someone waiting for a room and we can transfer it to them (happened last year). But, the simple thing is DON'T WAIT!

Hotel info is as follows:

Quality Suites

1631 Monterey St.

San Luis Obispo, CA 93401


Tell them you're in the "SOC Group" for the special rate.

Last things...

1) I'll leave this thread going until January before I switch over to a new thread as mentioned above.  When I do, I'll repost the hotel info for those who didn't see this thread. Everything else to know will be in that one thread and this one can fall off the board.

2) Tell everyone you know about the dates and info so they can start looking at the site and get geared up for the next shindig! 

Looking forward to seeing everyone.  P.S. I still gotcha early Dundernuckel!!! LOL

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Bumping it again.

For all those following this thread,,,time to move over to the actual thread for the WCC 2018 that will provide information on the weekend and money needed for dinner etc.

For those who plan meet ups to drive to the event, this would be a perfect thread to continue to use since it's titled "Planning". 

To those who aren't "following" or "liking" this thread, you may want to do so and also do the same with the new thread.

Let the games begin!

And here's the link to the actual West Coast Cruise 2018 thread:

See you all in June.




West Coast Cruise β€” June 8-10

Hotel Info:
Quality Suites
1631 Monterey St.
San Luis Obispo, CA 93401
(805) 541-5001

Tell them you're in the "SOC Group" for the special rate ($219/night).


  • Hotel special-rate ends April 27 or when they run out (only 8 left 4/12/2018)
  • Some of us are staying Sunday night too, join us

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