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Sandy and me are teetering on selling the 356 this year or next.   Space will be an issue in 2021/2022 and I am not sure I if I want to bring the car to FL or not. 

My car is one of the most heavily optioned cars to come out of the shrine we all know as Intermeccanica in Vancouver BC, CA.  Its also one of the fastest with its 265HP Subaru Legacy GT Engine running through a 1986 911 SC 915 Porsche 5 speed transmission.  The options list is very long but here are a few highlights.

  • Color is Porsche Carrera Cream- Glassurit paint with clear
  • Subaru 2.5L Flat four Turbo Engine with Grimm Speed up pipe (no cat).
  • Water to Air Intercooler and & oil cooler
  • Stock ECU & Stock Turbo Exhaust
  • Intermeccanica Custom Tube Frame Chassis (Bilstein shocks)
  • Porsche 911 SC Front Suspension and Brakes. 
  •  911 5 Speed with Wevo Short Shifter. Custom 917 Shift knob. 
  •  Coddington wheels Billet Aluminum 6061 CNC'd from orignal Porsche 944 T
  •  Vredestein Sport Trac 5's 195/60 15 front 205/60 15 rear (Perfect condition).
  • Rack and Pinion steering
  • North Hollywood Custom Gauges (like originals) Led bulbs
  • North Hollywood 12v Dash Clock (original)
  • Convertible D Stayfast Top Chocolate Brown with micro suede on inside. Very weather tight.
  • Power Rollup Windows with original style cranks; cranks are the switch.
  • Air Conditioning with 3 level direction and blend options
  • 356 Roadster heated seats covered in Spinny Beck Italian leather. ($10 Ft current pricing).  Color is Stallion Brown 904. 
  • Power Driver Seat
  • Honey German square weave carpets with binding
  • Coco Mats
  • Santana Billet hidden drink holders
  • Rennlist Aluminum Pedals and Footrest
  • Carrera trim package with louvers and bumpers with Aluminum Trim
  • Beehives tail lights- Glass (Lucas) not cheapo plastic Stoddard's that melt
  •  550 Spyder shine down plate light
  •  Mike Lempert VDM GT 390mm Steering wheel in Bolivian Rosewood with African Ebony inlays. Horn ring by Classico Wheels Sarasota FL. Porsche horn button, Bosch dual horns.
  • Euro Headlights with 100W bulbs
  • Marchal Driving lights 
  • OEM Porsche emblems including two cant find Carrera scripts in Chrome.
  •  Arm rest pillow custom made to match interior for long journeys.
  • Talbot Jr. Mirrors painted to match body.
  • Condition: you would be hard pressed to find a better one.
  • 21K miles (many highway miles to Carlisle PA)
  • Price.  PM me 00000IMG_00000_BURST20200605091903452_COVER00100lrPORTRAIT_00100_BURST20200607104256168_COVERIMG_20200527_095436IMG_20200530_091037IMG_20200605_083852IMG_20200605_084004IMG_20200605_084054IMG_20200605_091802IMG_20200605_092124IMG_20200701_092144IMG_20200701_092302


This is a hard one to let go and it needs to go to the right person.  100% of the service work has been done by two of the best old school Porsche shops in the Chicago Suburbs.  My car was built when Henry Reisner had his full attention to Intermeccanica.  All Replica's are awesome but this is a car you can roll into a PCA event or other classic car club and GETS your due's.  Thanks for looking:-)   


Marty Grzynkowicz

1959 Intermeccanica, Subaru H2O Turbo (Convertible D-GT) "Le Cafe Macchiato"


Images (11)
  • 00000IMG_00000_BURST20200605091903452_COVER
  • 00100lrPORTRAIT_00100_BURST20200607104256168_COVER
  • IMG_20200527_095436
  • IMG_20200530_091037
  • IMG_20200605_083852
  • IMG_20200605_084004
  • IMG_20200605_084054
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  • IMG_20200605_092124
  • IMG_20200701_092144
  • IMG_20200701_092302
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Marty I see that you are under the assumption that you will be allowed to sell this car.  I feel I must inform you that it has been declared an SOC Heritage Car and thus cannot be sold without our approval.  You can thank us later. 

In all seriousness I feel like you'd regret it shortly after the sale, but I understand the draw of the Alfa and the reality of limited space.  You'll make the right decision for you and Sandy.

Of course we all will have to approve the purchaser. 

Marty---this news was quite a surprise for me.  I know you have thought through the best thing for yourself but I have a weird feeling of loss. Maybe loss of seeing you and Sandy at SOC events but with so many friends there I hope to see you joining us with whatever you are driving.  

I have had my Speedster for 13 years now and it has never crossed my mind to consider selling it.  So many memories wrapped up in it with everything done over those years getting it to where all I do is put gas in it and drive it.  I'd still repeat the West Coast event if someone would caravan with me  (Anyone?)  

Wishing all the best for you and Sandy and hope our paths cross again soon.


Last edited by Jack Crosby

Whoa.  But, I wondered what was going on when you started that Alfa restoration, and I figured something had to give.  It's difficult for any man to have two mistresses, and the newer one usually wins out.

You have had good years in that car and you will miss it.  I'm older than you, and I've been through a lot of sports cars, both good and bad, and I have no desire to restore another car. 

I may change my mind someday, but I'm pretty sure my IM is my last sports car. 

Your presence in SOC will be missed. 


Last edited by Bob: IM S6
@Bob: IM S6 posted:

Whoa.  But, I wondered what was going on when you started that Alfa restoration, and I figured something had to give.  It's difficult for any man to have two mistresses, and the newer one usually wins out.

You have had good years in that car and you will miss it.  I'm older than you, and I've been through a lot of sports cars, both good and bad, and I have no desire to restore another car. 

I may change my mind someday, but I'm pretty sure my IM is my last sports car. 

Your presence in SOC will be missed. 


Bob, my goal as well was to get out of chasing the continual rust issues that comes along with a 30-50 year old car or more.  The design of early cars is what I like so I seem to be stuck in the 50's as far as Euro Cars that I like and the others just pale.  Now I can be distracted for a moment but when I think of restoring an old car I just can't seem to pull the trigger because... well I still would need to upgrade so much to make it a driveable car that I would be comfortable with. 

My IM does it for me , newer powerplant, NO RUST, 911 full front suspension and Rack full subie. I could go on but I understand Marty has trunk envy, maybe Bob and I should send him picts of our front trunks.   

Let's not get too teary-eyed folks.  I doubt that he's leaving the fold, just being 356-less like I've been the last 2 1/2 years and like @WOLFGANG has been for, well, ever .  The Alfa, being Italian, will still require fashionable gloves and other accoutrements.

Don't be so sure, Lane.  Once Marty gets in with the Alfa crowd, why would he hang with a bunch of wannabes?  He'll be the owner of a real car, one with history, with heritage, with wine and cheese (and gloves and shoes)...

Marty:  Do the road trip thing and keep it in Naples.  My biker friend, Robb, has a place in Naples and his brother is like 3 streets away.  Robb has a Volvo P-1800 wagon and Craig has a Fiat Spyder.  Both keep them down there year round.  When they're not there the cars are in one of those bubbles that dehumidifies the space.  Robb's going on 12 years now with his Volvo with no noticeable rust (according to him...  I have not seen the car).  Besides, Your IM has A/C so it is PERFECT for down there and you need a car anyway, right?  Why not go in style?

Food for thought.

that ain't nothing a little chip and tune can't cure:-}

... and as I said off-site, I'm afraid that's exactly who will buy it.

This isn't a car for some power hungry mouth-breathing knuckle-dragger (like *ahem* SOME guys I know) who will chip it, boost it to 20 psi, and grenade it all within a year... all while allowing the paint to yellow, the trim to dry out, and the interior to get marked up.

This car needs a man of refinement and discernment, a man who actually eats bruschetta on china with linen napkins, washing it down with a thimble full of Italian espresso and a shot of some nasty anise liqueur - not some dude who buys a Polar Pop and Slim Jim at the C-store when he fills up his big white box for the day after guzzling his triple shot cappuccino from a 5 gallon bucket standing in as a coffee mug. This car definitely does not need some Cretin who sees 285 factory horsepower, and thinks of the 350+ it could make without a ton of effort.

Someone, in short, like you @Marty Grzynkowicz. This car needs you. 

Last edited by Stan Galat

Congratulations, I guess?

But now you have all the data you need to build the next one once and for all, as soon as you get back from your mental trip to Italy.

I'd like to remind everybody (like I did @Marty Grzynkowicz offsite) that he did this once already-- had a nice Vintage, sold it to try to find love elsewhere (a Boxster), then had this one built. I've never met a former owner who didn't regret selling.

He knocked it out of the park with this build. The next one should be even better. My money is on a 718 Cayman engine/transaxle in a carbon-fiber "C" coupe shell.

Last edited by Stan Galat

Congratulations on the sale Marty. I hope you don’t regret selling it. I think about my old IM often. Particularly when I spot storm clouds in my Spyder. IMs aren’t perfect but they are the pinnacle of the 356 replica market. I can tell you that the person who misses it the most is my wife. She loved cruising around in that car. Won’t get in the Spyder. I’m about to turn 60 and I figure I’m about 5 years away from needing something a bit more practical than my Spyder. My favorite 2 cars in my life were my 1999 BMW M Coupe and my 1973 Porsche 914. Recently bought the 2000 BMW M Roadster.  Fantastic car.  I’m thinking that a 914 may be my retirement present to myself in a few years. Save the DOLCE plates. You’ll need them. 

@Sacto Mitch posted:


Nah, Marty has revealed his true colors - he's an Alfista. We should have picked up on that with the whole glove thing.

He's gonna keep trading up until he has one of these in the garage:



First of all, disappointment and congratulations on the sale, Marty.

Mitch, there is a white one of this Alfa that did a vintage rally with us last fall. It's a race car and got very hot(coolant) even in the cool weather on back country twisty roads.

Phil, skip the 914. It's archaic compared to what you can buy today. Our Spyders seem more civilized, honestly. Get the newest Cayman S with a 6 and a stick you can afford. Trust me on this, total driver's car!

I used the term "pocket" as to mean not listed on the large platforms such as, ebay, BAT, Hemmings etc..

I just listed here and on the SOC Facebook because many already new the car and new me.  So, in a way, it's kinda like a real estate pocket listing.  Let the people with knowledge of the car and the hobby have an opportunity for themselves and or their friends before every Tom, DIck and Harry could see it

Why am I explaining myself to you knuckleheads......



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  • mceclip0
Last edited by Marty Grzynkowicz

I want to let everybody know that Marty’s pride and joy made it safely to Kansas where it will be gently driven and shared often with other car enthusiasts through the Midwest. I was able to get it into my garage and really look it over and I am happy to say there are no disappointments. After dark I wanted to turn on the lights and look at both the  interior and exterior lighting....what a beautiful car. If any of you think the car might have been pricey you are wrong. Perfection is worth paying a little extra for!

I plan on posting on occasion and welcome comments as long as they are nice and about cars. I look forward to making some new friends on here as well.

So thanks to Marty and Best of Luck on his Alfa project. 


Images (1)
  • F6CAF827-BEE6-4C3B-BEC2-A5606F8ABFC4: Nice car /new home!

Welcome to the site, Rick, and to IM ownership.  I'm glad to know where Marty's beautiful car ended up, as - being a fellow IM owner - I always had a special feeling toward the car.  Marty had a great vehicle built, and then took it one step further when he had the additional turbo work done on it.

The car is very tastefully outfitted, and will be so comfortable on your future drives around Kansas - so much so that you might feel you're not in Kansas anymore. 

Perhaps Toto would be a good nickname for the car...

However, regardless of what you call it, we all know it won't be any curse word, as the car will perform beautifully, and will give you hours of driving nirvana.

Enjoy the car to the fullest.  

Well, I am glad to see that the IM made it safely to you.  Its a very special car that I think found a good home.   Rick, these guys are are pretty cool to hang with, both online and in person.  This forum is much more relaxed than the metal 356 guys because we don't take ourselves so seriously.  But don't kid yourself, there are a lot smart dudes that hang here and can be very helpful when you need it.  I wish you the best of luck with your new toy.  The SEG on Ricks face tells the whole story.    

@Napa Paul posted:

Herzlich Willkommen, Rick! You "vill" enjoy your new ride, that's for sure!              I've got one question for you, though: Are you sure you're in Kansas?   I only ask because you're dressed (ie., shorts, T-shirt, barefoot) to look more like a neighbor of our knucklehead in Newport Beach, CA - that'd be @MusbJim.

That was posted in August. T-shirt and shorts weather back then I'd imagine.

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