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that ain't nothing a little chip and tune can't cure:-}

... and as I said off-site, I'm afraid that's exactly who will buy it.

This isn't a car for some power hungry mouth-breathing knuckle-dragger (like *ahem* SOME guys I know) who will chip it, boost it to 20 psi, and grenade it all within a year... all while allowing the paint to yellow, the trim to dry out, and the interior to get marked up.

This car needs a man of refinement and discernment, a man who actually eats bruschetta on china with linen napkins, washing it down with a thimble full of Italian espresso and a shot of some nasty anise liqueur - not some dude who buys a Polar Pop and Slim Jim at the C-store when he fills up his big white box for the day after guzzling his triple shot cappuccino from a 5 gallon bucket standing in as a coffee mug. This car definitely does not need some Cretin who sees 285 factory horsepower, and thinks of the 350+ it could make without a ton of effort.

Someone, in short, like you @Marty Grzynkowicz. This car needs you. 

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Congratulations, I guess?

But now you have all the data you need to build the next one once and for all, as soon as you get back from your mental trip to Italy.

I'd like to remind everybody (like I did @Marty Grzynkowicz offsite) that he did this once already-- had a nice Vintage, sold it to try to find love elsewhere (a Boxster), then had this one built. I've never met a former owner who didn't regret selling.

He knocked it out of the park with this build. The next one should be even better. My money is on a 718 Cayman engine/transaxle in a carbon-fiber "C" coupe shell.

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Congratulations on the sale Marty. I hope you don’t regret selling it. I think about my old IM often. Particularly when I spot storm clouds in my Spyder. IMs aren’t perfect but they are the pinnacle of the 356 replica market. I can tell you that the person who misses it the most is my wife. She loved cruising around in that car. Won’t get in the Spyder. I’m about to turn 60 and I figure I’m about 5 years away from needing something a bit more practical than my Spyder. My favorite 2 cars in my life were my 1999 BMW M Coupe and my 1973 Porsche 914. Recently bought the 2000 BMW M Roadster.  Fantastic car.  I’m thinking that a 914 may be my retirement present to myself in a few years. Save the DOLCE plates. You’ll need them. 

@Sacto Mitch posted:


Nah, Marty has revealed his true colors - he's an Alfista. We should have picked up on that with the whole glove thing.

He's gonna keep trading up until he has one of these in the garage:



First of all, disappointment and congratulations on the sale, Marty.

Mitch, there is a white one of this Alfa that did a vintage rally with us last fall. It's a race car and got very hot(coolant) even in the cool weather on back country twisty roads.

Phil, skip the 914. It's archaic compared to what you can buy today. Our Spyders seem more civilized, honestly. Get the newest Cayman S with a 6 and a stick you can afford. Trust me on this, total driver's car!

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