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I used the term "pocket" as to mean not listed on the large platforms such as, ebay, BAT, Hemmings etc..

I just listed here and on the SOC Facebook because many already new the car and new me.  So, in a way, it's kinda like a real estate pocket listing.  Let the people with knowledge of the car and the hobby have an opportunity for themselves and or their friends before every Tom, DIck and Harry could see it

Why am I explaining myself to you knuckleheads......



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Last edited by Marty Grzynkowicz

I want to let everybody know that Marty’s pride and joy made it safely to Kansas where it will be gently driven and shared often with other car enthusiasts through the Midwest. I was able to get it into my garage and really look it over and I am happy to say there are no disappointments. After dark I wanted to turn on the lights and look at both the  interior and exterior lighting....what a beautiful car. If any of you think the car might have been pricey you are wrong. Perfection is worth paying a little extra for!

I plan on posting on occasion and welcome comments as long as they are nice and about cars. I look forward to making some new friends on here as well.

So thanks to Marty and Best of Luck on his Alfa project. 


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Welcome to the site, Rick, and to IM ownership.  I'm glad to know where Marty's beautiful car ended up, as - being a fellow IM owner - I always had a special feeling toward the car.  Marty had a great vehicle built, and then took it one step further when he had the additional turbo work done on it.

The car is very tastefully outfitted, and will be so comfortable on your future drives around Kansas - so much so that you might feel you're not in Kansas anymore. 

Perhaps Toto would be a good nickname for the car...

However, regardless of what you call it, we all know it won't be any curse word, as the car will perform beautifully, and will give you hours of driving nirvana.

Enjoy the car to the fullest.  

Well, I am glad to see that the IM made it safely to you.  Its a very special car that I think found a good home.   Rick, these guys are are pretty cool to hang with, both online and in person.  This forum is much more relaxed than the metal 356 guys because we don't take ourselves so seriously.  But don't kid yourself, there are a lot smart dudes that hang here and can be very helpful when you need it.  I wish you the best of luck with your new toy.  The SEG on Ricks face tells the whole story.    

@Napa Paul posted:

Herzlich Willkommen, Rick! You "vill" enjoy your new ride, that's for sure!              I've got one question for you, though: Are you sure you're in Kansas?   I only ask because you're dressed (ie., shorts, T-shirt, barefoot) to look more like a neighbor of our knucklehead in Newport Beach, CA - that'd be @MusbJim.

That was posted in August. T-shirt and shorts weather back then I'd imagine.

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