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Have a buddy of mine that just retired from his body shop and only does small restoration jobs now.  I sold him my 53 Bel Air and in the deal I had him agree to block sand and buff my speedster that I'm rebuilding.  I never knew they could look this good.  It looks as good as a paint job but he said it's like polishing out concrete !!

1958 Intermeccanica(Convertible D)


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That is looking real nice Tom. The better the prep the better the paint looks. Spending a few more hours prepping these cars really makes the paint stand out and takes away from the "painted fiberglass" look. If I had the money I'd pull off all the trim bits and have a professional block sand and repaint my car. When you get up on it you can see the "texture" of the car underneath the paint. But then I see how Carey's guys and Greg's guys prep their cars now and it makes me want a new car. I may have to see what I can get for mine on the used market and spring for a new one.

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That "bloke" from Portsmouth UK posted pictures the other day of his black gel coat Chesil.  I was amazed how shiny it looked! My CMC is black gel coat.  I'll have to give it a try one day.  I still have duct tape residue on it from towing it South years ago.

Another year and I can call it a barn find. I can see the magazine article in my head : "Old Florida Codger leaves valuable hoard in Baker barn - his kids load junk in dumpster headed to landfill."  Amongst treasures were 3 VW transaxels, 2 VW engines, 2 Porsche 914 engines, a Dolphin Mod-T dune buggy, a CMC Speedster 92% built, a 17" Venture sailboat, a 15" Seadoo jet boat, 4 Craftsman lawn tractors, and a ton of rusty tools. Wife looks on as they load shaking her head laughing.  Under her breath she says - and we could have taken 4 more Viking cruises with the money he "invested" in that folly. 

may 19 barn 3may 19 barn 2

Old photos - it is chocked full now!  Add cabinets/appliances from condo remodel and building materials.


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