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Set of 2 good quality fiberglass Speedster-style seats for your Porsche Speedster Replica. Purchased for my 356C outlaw, but found they didn't quite get me low enough (I'm a tall-torso'd driver) so are up for sale to a good home. 

New upholstery: covers and carpet from Autos International. Proper late 50's Porsche red vinyl color and I opted for charcoal German squareweave carpet backs with correct fabric binding to match my current charcoal interior. The carpet backs would be relatively easy to replace if you wanted to switch to a different color, such as oatmeal.
Does not include mounting hardware but the seats are set up for standard Speedster hardware (I was told these were removed from a Speedster). The width between holes on the left and right sides is 415mm on both seats, and the seats are identical left and right. The diagram labeled "A" above applies to both seats. 
The seat maker is unknown but they are sturdy and not flimsy at all. Foam was retained as it was in good shape. Got a lot of attention at the Hershey Swap Meet this year. Very comfortable and supportive.
Each seat weighs approximately 15 pounds.
Free shipping! $1700 with all reasonable offers considered!


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Thanks for your replies! I did just join the site today, and yes to post this classified. I thought this group, being interested in the marque, may have some interest in these seats.

The seats you posted are not accurate 356 speedster seats, though they look very similar. The seat cushion is incorrect, that particular color is one I've never seen before, and who knows if the vinyl is the correct texture for a mid-late 50's speedster. Correct fiberglass seats of good quality are at least $250 a piece, I can tell you the correct vinyl covers are at least $500, foam is ~$200, and then to have the correct German squareweave carpet these have cut and binded is probably at least $200. 

As said in the original post, I'm open to reasonable offers. $800 is not reasonable.


A lot of the enjoyment of membership in the Replica Community is being able to play without having to pay.  You have some nice seats that are only worth what you are asking because of the crazy appreciation going on in the world of real 356 cars and their accessories.  Try the 356 Registry.  Someone there may jump on them.  Good luck.

Hi Tom, thank you for your kind suggestion! And I understand the replica community appreciates the lower prices that come with their cars. Seeing prices escalate for parts for my '64 C has made replica ownership appealing. I hope to have a 550 replica someday, but there are a couple of projects ahead of that.

These seats are listed on the well-known Porsche boards as well. Hoping either someone with an outlaw 356 (like me) or a replica owner interested in some authenticity will pick them up.  It's a niche market.


I hope you find a buyer for your seats. They are very nice.

I think you might be surprised by the variety of attitudes among us about things like correct color, proper seat cushions and the correct texture of vinyl as well as the need to exactly duplicate everything from the marque.

Without question, there are those among us who strive to exactly replicate the original 356's. However, I think you will find that many of us simply like the iconic body style of a 356 and use that as the "wrapper" for vehicles that often depart drastically from Dr. Porsche's original vision. Many of us aren't particularly concerned about where our handbrake is located.

The fun in this hobby is the blending of new and old technologies in inventive ways to create cars that represent the owners vision not attempting to cleave to some pre conceived rigid standard.

Frankly, ours is often a creative endeavor.

Buying an old Porsche and returning it to what it looked and performed like in 1956 simply requires money, not ingenuity. Nothing wrong with doing it, but that is relatively easy given the cash.

Most of us drive our cars regularly, and aren't intimidated or worried about someone ruining our $250,000 baby, although a number of our cars have north of $100k invested in them. You might also be surprised at how many of us own, or have owned Porsches.

Very few people in our little community are out to fool anybody. It is almost a contest to come up with creative license plates that tip off others that our plastic (they don't rust) semi look-a-likes aren't what they might appear to be.

So, welcome. Relax and join in the fun. Also we can find you a nice Subaru powered phoney Spyder or Speedster that will leave original versions eating dust.

Again, I hope you find a buyer for those seats. 


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I like this posting because, with the pics, you really can see the difference between his seat and the $400 ones. To me, that's worth more than the price of admission (to this forum). 

Since so many Speedster guys mess with or replace their seats, mostly for comfort, it's a real service, imho, to see something that's a bit closer to the original.

I've also always wondered why/how the original Speedster (and cab) seats sit so near each other over the tunnel. I understand that the Porsche tunnel is lower and squarer, but I've never seen anyone spell (or graph) out the differences. Are the original seats any wider? If not, are they centered differently in the tub? And so on.

Anyway, thanks, Jastor. All the best to you.

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But, back to this guy's original post:

Nothing from Autos International is cheap, but all of it is good. $400 seats from Vintage may or may not fit your butt. If they do, fantastic.

But every guy I know (no named Jack Crosby) who drives 750- 1000 mi in a day does it in seats that cost a heck of a lot more than $400/pr. Widebody guys have it easy, as nice Gen 1 Miata seats will fit, as will several different high-back race buckets and some old Recarros. If a guy wants a more "old-school" look, the choices winnow down a bit.

The price for a set of Fibersteel buckets, in the (wider) OE width, upholstered in leather with molded foam was $2500 several years ago. Call it nuts (it is), but that's what it cost me to be comfortable.

To the larger point: could we please (pretty please?) stop cutting down every single "for sale" post that isn't a "fire sale" post? You don't want it? Don't buy it, but taking a swing at every last one is kind've counter-productive.

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