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Thanks, your right but I live in Thunder Bay, pot hole city of Northwestern Ontario and she is a driver so I'll sacrifice looks for a softer ride! Always seems to draw a crowd and people love the car at cruise nights and car shows. I recently built and owned a yellow 73 RS clone, a red 911 Slantnose and a red 356 Speedster replica and none got the attention this gets. People want to sit in it and get their picture taken! It's crazy even I had a 73 Ferrari Dino replica with a 455 big block and the crowd favours this one. It's not what I expected either... This one took me three years to build.

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Clark - Do you have the build manual?  If you could scan it, Theron (SOC site admin) could add it to the resources library along with the CMC and FF build manuals that are currently there.

I'm curious if the build requires shortening the VW chassis any.  For the CMC Speedster it gets cut 10.5-11".  The 359 seems to have a much larger engine compartment and what appears to be a longer wheel base.

I agree it looks like full pan but here is one on SAMBA that says shortened pan (it wasn't built by current owner so he may just be guessing).  There are 2 fairly near me for sale - one unfinished one for $8k and another for $13,500 that looks to be a nice ride.  (Both red - maybe I can get Rich to buy one?)

Here's part of the advert from one -

Classic Motor Carriages 359 Porsche. Built on a 1971 shortened bug pan. 1641 Dual Port with dual carbs. I was told it was built by a VW shop in CA. Runs and drives great


Here's the $8k one - I think it would buff up nice.



DannyP posted:

Pretty sure the 359 goes on a full length pan. Just like the other one that isn't my favorite, the Perry D Spyder. 

Pretty sure I know how to use a tape measure. It is same as the original 911/959 wheel base. I am a retired aeronautical engineer who formally worked at NASA, Stennis Space Center so pretty sure I know how to measure correctly.


Yes, the Wheelbase of 359 (959) is 89.5 inches the same as the original 911/959.

WheelBase of Perry D (550) Spyder is 94.5 inches same as original VW Beetle.

just to be clear. If you purchase a 359 kit and try to put it on a full VW pan the body will be 5 inches too short. You will need to shorten the VW pan by five inches.

This is why the advertiser of the red car above says that it uses a shortened VW pan.

Also, if you look closely, at the specs at the bottom of the "Best of Both Worlds" manufacturers advertisement on the second page of this thread you will see it says Wheelbase: 89.5 inches.

BTW, I do like the Perry D Spyder very much and after rebuilding a Beck 550 and driving it I hated how tiny the cockpit was and wished you could put the seats back further. The Perry D includes this much needed space. Especially, for big guys. That's my daughter in the Beck 550!

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