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I saw a red one at Carlisle event - and the engine compartment appears much larger than in a Speedster.  I'm guess it is just a longer tail (which would shorly need added steel to support aka CMC butt sag).  I tried to find a build manual to see if the pan was shortened like the Speedster but could not find one.  The top appears same size so suspect pan is shortened. I recall reading years ago that the kit sold for $15k --- where the CMC Speedster was around $8k --- must be the extra engine grill! Reportedly only about 200 were made.  One had a 6 cyl Porsche engine (sold to new owner in Japan) and there was a rotary wankel in one in TX.

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  • Hummm. After owning my white 359 for several years i haven't had any cracks or other problems. But its identification lable say  fiberfab. And has the Ca. Spcn smog label too.   And better too as it has porsche guages, no hood pins, better mirrors.  It seems to attract a lot more attention than the porch 356 because nobody knows what they are but that's just my opinion I Luv It. all though I don't use it much.20150310_103750


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@Theron Theron is it possible to scan in his 359 build manual and post it here on SOC.  I've never seen one posted anywhere.  It would be good to preserve the manual for others.

Any idea of how many made by FF/CMC? I found one reference that said just over 200 and cost was $15k each kit.  Found another that said #206 was for sale in Calgary years ago. The interior looks same as Speedster - same top assembly.  The length seems to be past the engine bay.

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