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I found some more info on the authentic 959 Speedster:

In 1987, Porsche delivered a Porsche 959 to German race driver Jürgen Lässig; who, owned the car up until he had an accident on the Autobahn in 1988. The 959 had flipped over and was severely damaged in the collision with an Audi 80 on the A 81 at Singen on the top, right front and on the side. From there it was bought by a company called Auto Becker. The damaged car went to Auto Becker in Dusseldorf where it was converted to convertible. The engine technology and the complete electronics remained untouched; Stiffeners were welded in. Becker chopped the roof off and fit a 911 Speedster windshield. They also fit a folding soft-top. Afterwards, the 959 Speedster was shown at the IAA show in Frankfurt. A collector from the US bought the car for allegedly 3 million D-Mark. The car can also be converted at any time to a normal Cabriolet, or hard-top configuration. Becker preserved the original roof to be installed if so desired as a removable hard-top - by way of a few handles and the exchange of windscreen and hood. This original style roof was supplied in a very large custom made padded box. The 959 Speedster was tested by Sports Car International in February 1992. From the waistline down the car looks like the original 959 which it is. From the waistline up the 959 in Speedster mode looks like a 911 Speedster.

It is interesting that the CMC replica 959 Speedster debuted in 1989. Reference, Peterson's Kit Car Magazine; issue, March, 1989. Therefore, CMC was likely inspired by Auto Becker 959 Speedster and got the idea to create the 359 Speedster from their replica Speedster. By then, CMC had vast experience with Speedster replicas and they wanted to make their own flag ship car for the US market since at that time all original 959's were prohibited from entering into the USA. The 359 was layed up in its own molds, and is not a 356 with extra pieces grafted on. It was certainly made with single layups. The body shape is very different from a 356's,, and the wheel base is 89.5 inches like the original 959.

Bill Prout posted:

I never liked the 959 aesthetically.

I can understand that!

I know I am in the minority here and I have owned a 57 Speedster too as well as several 911's and P-cars. But, I always liked the 959. Never really liked the 356 Speedster all that much. i know they are worlds apart. The first time I ever saw a Speedster in person I thought it looked like a upside down bathtub! Lol.


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WOLFGANG posted:

Interesting Blog by guy that worked for CMC in the era. He says the 359 uses thicker fiberglass than 356 shells.  Hence, heaviest shell CMC produced.  Engine bay was made to fit larger, more powerful engine to compensate.

Check this CMC mod - bonding 356 body parts to a 911 to create a 959.


And a 959 Targa conversion.


Trio of cars (Targa, Cab, and Coup) built on Real Porsche’s built at Classic Motor Carriages in the late 1980’s.

They were called the “Ultima” and for a modest amount your Porsche 911 could be fitted with a fiberglass body kit that would make it look like a real Porsche 959.

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