after about 40 years workin' in my mechanic workshop, now my hobby is to make handcrafted reproductions of classic car ,  motorycles and boat gauges and complete dashboards,  to use it mainly as "automobilia" pieces of furniture instead of working true items other manufacturers already did.

Here is my just finished 356 speedometer (as my nickname....) to look how similar for size, graphics and material it is.

Note: I can also make working replicas but often a perfect copy cost only a bit less as the original one. So I like more to make it with clock, barometer or a little 6V engine mechanism which make the same travel of a true instrument.

Please give me your feedbacks and critic opinions ,too.

I am workin' to improve it. also being a little satisfied about this lats work

6000 and 8000 rev meters and the combinate instrument gauge are coming soon.

Cheers Nessuna descrizione della foto disponibile.

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