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I have a 1957 (2014)   Auratium  Green Vintage Speedster   with 15inch chrome 4 lug wheels. I currently have baby moon hubcaps. I purchased a set of Porsche logo hubcaps from JBugs.  They appear to be the same size and according to JBugs it should fit. I have tried but failed to install them. I have read to use gear lube to get them to slide on. Although they appear to be the same size the Porsche logo cap has a fatter inner bead than the moon cap. I am a newby to the speedster crowd having purchased mine in March of 2022. Suggestions.

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2014 likely has the Chinese made wheels (Mangels were out of production by then) and they didn't have a very pronounced "dimple" for the hubcaps which made hubcaps both hard to install and also difficult to keep on if you got them installed.

As Robert says, post any pics you can, especially of any markings on the wheel (most often stamped on the inner lip) and there are some modifications you can make to make the caps stay on, if you're handy with a dremmel.

In your 3rd photo, the cap on the left is for a 5x205mm wide five wheel and the cap on the irght is for a VW 4 lug wheel, which you have.  You still may have an issue with how well the caps stay on due to the reduction of the "lip" on the later repro wheels, but if you're trying to fit the cap on the left it will not go.  You need nipple caps for 4 lug VW wheels.

Here's source for caps that fit sans the logo.  Note great pictures of different wheel fitment (argh, a little late!). Only 2 left - but many sources for Empi!

EMPI Nipple Hubcap, No logo, for Stock 4x130 wheels, Each - 10-1055 (

and crappy replica caps. Only 1 left!  If you are stuck with caps you have - you can transfer center caps from on to the other.

EMPI Stallion Logo Crests for Custom & Nipple Hubcaps, 4 pieces with hardware - 10-1079 (

Note on PORSCHE center caps:  Years ago I purchased PORSCHE crested caps from JC Whitney.  The crests were perfect copies complete with PORSCHE and Stuttgart on them.  Years later I lost one and ordered another - that new one did not say PORSCHE.  Several years later even the Stuttgart was dropped on the TAIWAN copies.  Guess PORSCHE lawyers were active and went after the counterfeiters.  If you can find OEM centers, they are a much higher quality over the faux ones.

[New) 356/911/912 Gold Enamel Hubcap Crest with Orange Bars - 1950-73 ...

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