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The North/South meeting/show/runs/swap-meet of the California 356 Registry will take place today (Thursday), Friday (runs), Saturday (show) and Sunday (swap meet starting at 6 am).

Participants are staying in Paso Robles at the Allegretto Vineyard Resort just east of 101 off 46 East, take Buena Vista Drive north 1/3 mile on the left.

The runs, of course-informal parking lot viewing and swap meet will take place at Allegretto. The show on Saturday will be held at the Estrella Warbird Museum which is east on 46 a couple miles. The museum is on Dry Creek Road. From Allegretto, take Airport Road (north) to Dry Creek Road (east). From the east, take Dry Creek Road north off 46, either way you can't miss the museum. The show runs from 10 am to 4 pm.

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Proverbs 15:15

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My buddy Serge and I went to Allegretto and wandered the parking lot this morning. There were almost 150 cars there.

We met some great folks, none were snooty. In fact, when told of my "fake" Speedster and her big motor, most wanted to know more about her.

We parked by Rick and Sally from Washington state (they drove down). Their car: Tweetypie, is a yellow (of course) '65 C coupe which has won them the furthest distance driven award several times in these events. They've logged hundreds of thousands of miles in the bright yellow car. They also own a '56 Speedster which has been totally restored recently.

Tweetypie wouldn't start so Rick hot-wired the switch to see if it was to blame, it wasn't, the starter was deemed bad so Rick called a friend in Washington who was going to next-day a starter to Rick.

I told Rick that my friend Jim Ansite was just a few miles away and might have a spare lying around. A call confirmed that he did so we headed to Jim's shop in hopes that Rick and Sally could participate in todays runs with the rest of the cars.

Jim took off the leads to the starter an as he did, one wire fell out of the crimp-on sleeve. He put Tweety's starter on his tester and it spun right up, problem solved. After cleaning, firmly clamping and shrink-wrappng all the connections, Rick and Sally were on their way, at no charge!

While we were in Jim's shop, we admired the door from Renee Brinkerhoff's 356 coupe she raced in the 2015 La Carrera Panamerican that hangs on the wall of Jim's shop.

We checked out the aluminum body 550 race car on his hoist, the two 4-cams Jim was building including a factory race 4 cam with all aluminum shroud, what a jewel!

He was also pumping up (larger jugs and liners) a dual-distributor 1835 pushrod engine for a client which would make it a 19-something, the things this guy can do!

Every time I'm at Jim Ansite's shop, I'm more impressed with his depth of knowledge and his appreciation for the engineering and materials that make air/oil-cooled Porsche engines some of the finest examples of human endeavor.


Here's a tiny sample of the (almost) 150 cars at the event, mostly coupes but plenty of cabs, roadsters and speedsters too


Sally talking to a friend in his '56 Speedster while Rick diagnoses a starting problem


Back view of Tweetypie and Rick (dig the 3-D Pegasus tin on her reflector)


Gorgeous '58 Silver Fox cabriolet with a beautiful single-grill Reutter rack


Jim Ansite crawling out from under Tweetypie (the aluminum 550 was on his lift)


Aluminum shrouded 4 cam Porsche factory race engine Jim rebuilt


2 distributor (Stan, are you drooling?) engine Jim's pumping up




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