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Lots of great resources and advice on this site.  I’ve enjoyed the speedster for almost 8 years now. It’s time to pass it on to someone else to enjoy! Located in San Jose, California.  Auction price is currently at $6k, with reserve set well below $30k

I have the car listed on Cars and Bids with low reserve. Come get this deal in time for summer!IMG_1354IMG_1625IMG_1395_DSC7118IMG_8560IMG_8512

This is a one-of-a-kind 1957 Porsche Speedster with a 1966 Chevy Corvair 2.7L turbo that generates 165hp. Car comes with a Clear CA title as a 0000 SPCN built in 1993, now under SB100, and is smog EXEMPT . The car sits on a VW Pan. Looking on, the pan/chassis matches March 1970 (110272XXXX). The clear title is in my name, and I have been able to successfully register it on the California roads. Again, the car is registered under SB100, so it does NOT need to be smogged.

Good luck to the winning bidder!!!


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